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Akshaya Tritiya - Akshaya Teej

Akshaya Tritiya, Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Vaisakha month is an auspicious day.  It is believed that the results of any japa, charity, puja, yajna etc. on this day never diminishes. The tradition of buying gold and household items this auspicious day is also popular.

Lakshmi Puja aloong with Vishun and Kubera pooja are done on the occasion of Akshaya  Tritiya.

Chanting of Sri Suktam, Lakshmi Suktam, Kanakadhara Stotram give good results.

Benefits of Lakshmi-Kuber Poojan on Akshaya Tritiya  

Puja and good deeds are done today give manifold results.
Devotees are blessed by the Goddess with stable everlasting wealth.
Domestic happiness becomes stable.
One is blessed with progeny and parental bliss.
Kubera and Lakshmi’s blessings bring additional sources of income.

Sri Suktam, Lakshmi Suktam, Kanakadhara Stotram


गौरी-तृतीया-व्रत-विधान और उसका फल

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Vatsalya Bharati - వాత్సల్య భారతి - वात्सल्य भारति

వాత్సల్య భారతి - భారతమాత తత్వము

వాత్సల్యం సమాజాన్ని, దేశాలను చివరకు ఈ ప్రపంచాన్ని శాంతి, సుస్థిరతల ఉద్యానవనంగా మార్చే అద్భుత శక్తి. ప్రతి ఇల్లూ  వాత్సల్యపు చిరునామాగా మారాలి.



వాత్సల్యం కేవలం బాల్యపు అలంకారమే కాదు, కుటుంబాన్ని కలిపి ఉంచే ఆభరణమే కాదు. సమాజాన్ని, దేశాలను చివరకు ఈ ప్రపంచాన్ని శాంతి, సుస్థిరతల ఉద్యానవనంగా మార్చే అద్భుత శక్తి. ప్రతి ఇల్లూ ముందుగా వాత్సల్యపు చిరునామాగా మారాలి.


తల్లి భారతి వందనం బంగారు మట్టి చందనం

మా తల్లి భారతి వందనం బంగారు మట్టి చందనం
ఈ మట్టికి మన అర్చనం ఈ మట్టికే అభివందనం  || తల్లి భారతి ||

తల్లి భారతి వందనం - వాత్సల్య పూర్ణా వందనం

సుఖముగా వర్ధిల్లినాం - తనువునే అర్పింతుమమ్మా     !! తల్లి భారతి

ఇంటింటా భారతమాత చిత్రపటం ఉండాలి.

Download the picture from:

Download the Ekaatmata Stotram - Song in praise of Bhakthas of Bharata Mata - The children of Bharata Mata who did extraordinary to service to Bharat Mata and Bharatiyas.

దేశభక్తి లేని దైవభక్తి, దైవభక్తి లేని దేశభక్తి నిరర్ధకం, నిష్ఫలం.
దేశభక్తి గల దైవభక్తి పరమార్ధము.
మన దేశం కూడా మన దైవం.
దేవుని పూజలా  దేశాన్ని పూజించాలి.

దేశభక్తి - దేశసేవ - దేశశక్తి

దేశశక్తి వల్లనే దేశ ప్రజల  జ్ఞాన, సౌర్య, సంపదలు వృద్హి చెందుతాయి.

దేశశక్తి వల్లనే దేశ ప్రజలు బాహ్య మరియు అంతర దుష్ట శక్తులపై విజయం సాధించి సుఖ శాంతులతో ఉంటారు.

దేశభక్తిని పెంచడం

భారతమాత సేవకుడు హిందూ ధర్మాభిమాని శ్రీ వాత్సల్యానంద భారతి స్వామి వారు

'గుండె గుండెలో భారతమాత తత్వ ప్రచారం'


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శ్రీలు పొంగిన జీవగడ్డ భారత ఖండము - రాయప్రోలు సుబ్బారావు గారి గేయము


वात्सल्य भारति

Aarti Bharat Mata ki Jagat ki Bhagy Vidhata ki
by HareKrishna Hari Bhai


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Forecasts of Earth Warming (Global Warming) - #AprilCool Information

Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which includes more than 1,300 scientists from the United States and other countries, forecasts a temperature rise of 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century.



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Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project - Donate - #AprilCool Action

Earth Day 2018 Theme: End Plastic Pollution

Earth Day -  22 April

From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet.

In response, Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and
inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics.

Take action to End Plastic Pollution in This #AprilCool Month

Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project

In just one year, a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen as 10 people inhale!

Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project works worldwide to strengthen communities through tree planting. Using agroforestry, sapling distribution and tree care training, we empower organizations and citizens to conserve, repair, and restore tree cover to their lands. Earth Day Network targets areas of the world most in need of reforestation, including some of the world’s poorest communities; and land degraded by logging, fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Our projects also focus on environmentally critical areas such the Amazon rainforest and the Boreal Forest.

Trees provide food, energy and income, helping communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Trees also filter the air and help reverse the impacts of climate change. In just one year, a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen as 10 people inhale!

Since 2010, Earth Day Network has planted tens of millions of trees. Our goal for the 50 anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 is to plant 7.8 billion trees, one for every person on earth.

You can help support the Canopy Project by donating to our $1 per tree program. Each dollar you donate supports the planting of one tree.

Planting trees strengthens local economies. Every dollar spent on reforestation generates $2.50 in local downstream income and benefits. That’s huge impact for every dollar you donate!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Days to Remember, Celebrate and Participate - April Cool Banaavo - #AprilCool

7 April World Health Day

18 April World Heritage Day

22 April Earth Day

22 May World Day for Bio Diversity

5 June World Environment Day

17 June World Day to Fight Desertification and Drought

Creativity - Use it in April Cool Mission - Movement

April Cool idea is creative. The message attracted attention.

The Hindi paper reports that it poured cold water April Fool messages.

More creative thinking is required to contribute to April Cool Movement.

Creativity comes out when one thinks about a problem to solved intensely and searches the knowledge space for ideas. Many times the new idea comes suddenly. But there are some persons who consciously develop creative ideas.

Today I came across Warka Water, that is providing water to people in remote places.

Every drop counts. Save it. Provide it. Harness it.

Italian Architect Arturo Vittori




It seems each tower costs $1000. Can you arrange finance for it. Are there any NGOs working in this field?

Think creatively to support April Cool Movement.


Postulate: 1 The economy is a sub – system of the society and not the sole guiding factor of social growth. Hence no economic theorems can be formulated without first recognising that life is an integral system, and therefore whatever economic laws are deduced or codified, they must add or at least not reduce the integral growth of man. The centrality of Man’s divine spark and his evolution is on the four Chaturvidha Purusharthas of dharma, artha, kama, moksha.

Postulate: 2 There is plurality, and diversity in life. Man is subject to several internal contradictions. The solution is to be based on the harmonization of this plurality, diversity, and internal contradictions. Thus laws governing this harmony will have to be discovered and codified, which we shall call Dharma. An economy based on Dharma will be a. regulated one, within which man’s personality and freedom will be given maximum scope, and be enlightened in the social interest.

Postulate: 3 There is a negative correlation between the State’s coercive power and Dharma. In the latter, the acceptance of regulation by man is voluntary because it blends with his individual and collective aspirations, whereas in the former regulations often conflict with aspirations and hence man is coerced to accept the regulation or suffer.

Postulate: 4 A society of persons of common origin, history or culture has a chiti (soulforce). It is this chiti which integrates and establishes harmony. Each nation has to search out its chiti and recognise it consciously. Consequently, each country must follow its own development strategy based on its chiti. If it tries to duplicate or replicate other nations, it will come to grief.

Postulate: 5 Based on the perception of chiti and recognition of dharma, an economic order can be evolved which rationalizes the mutual inter-balances of the life system, by seeking out the complementarities embedded in various conflicting interests in society. Such an order will reveal the system of social choices based on an aggregation of individual values.

Postulate: 6 Any economy based on Integral Humanism, will take as given, besides the normal
democratic fundamental rights, the Right to Food, the Right to Work, Right to Education, and the Right to Free Medical Care as basic rights.

Postulate: 7 The right to property is not fundamental, but economic regulation will be based on the complementarity that exists in the conflicting goals of social ownership of property and the necessity for providing incentive to save and to produce.

Postulate: 8 Development of the economic system for the Hinduva based Indian society is led by innovation [Shodh], guided by the principles of maximum reliance on indigenous resources [Swadeshi], by decentralization of power that emanates from four sources of knowledge, weapons, wealth, and land [Vikendrikaran], and by structuring a modern social hierarchy based on a mutually exclusive ownership of these four sources of power [Adhunik Varna]. . Thus, while rejecting any birth-based rights or discrimination as inconsistent with Vedanta philosophy, and requiring that co-option of any individual, irrespective of birth into any of the four Varnas thus created, is on the basis of the adherence to the discipline it requires.

Postulate: 9 That at the apex of this social hierarchy emanating from the Vikendrikaran of power, viz., the Shodhkartas who lead the innovation capability of a nation, i.e., the intellectuals, researchers, teachers etc., the co-option condition would be accomplishment in cognitive, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual intelligences, and the teaching of the same to all those in society who want to learn it.

These nine postulates represent the foundation of the Integral Humanism, which is the acronym for Hindutva Principles of Economic Development.

With these postulates, we now need to derive the practical guidelines for our economic development.


Economic Model Based on Ekatma Manav Darshan (Integral Humanism) proposed by Prof. Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

First Published on 24 January 2016, 1.52 pm (Indian Standard Time)

|Self Interest, Others' Interests, Freedom subject to Principles of Dharma|
| (Kama),        (Moksh)                 (Dharma)                                               |

                                                       Leads to

| Individual learning,  Individual Activity, Increase in Knowledge,  Innovation, Major Adventures|
|     (Dharma),                 (Karma)                   (Jnana)                                         (Rajayogic ventures|

                                                        In turn leads to

|Growth in Wealth, Social stability, Socially Committed People|
|  (Artha,                                                     (Bhakti)                     |

A “postulate” (noun) is a statement that someone claims to be true and upon which
further discussion is based.

Subramanian Swamy's Lecture

Newer Innovations - Productivity of Capital and Labour are required for economic growth.
Vedic society is buit on intellectual foundations.
Innovations to sustain society.

Emotional Intelligence - Non-confrontational talk.  Win over others.


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