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21 April - Hindi Films History

Premier of the film by Dadasaheb Phalke - Harischandra - The First Silent Film by Indian made in India.

The film was shown in Olympia Theatre, Grant Road
(No copy uploaded by popular distributors/producers available on YouTube. Unofficial uploads are there)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Other Income of a Policeman and Divorce Maintenance Settlement

28 December 2012

A policeman, constable Sainu Virkar of Thane was asked to pay his wife Rs. 16,000 month on a takehome pay of Rs.15,822 on gross pay of Rs. 26,278 per month.

The logic seems to be the arguments from his wife that Virkar brings home Rs.50,000 pm as bribes. Judge accepted the argument as other income even though there is no proof for it and ordered payment of maintenance at Rs. 16,000 pm.

What will be the consequences of such a decision given by the Judge? 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Political Thinkers of India

Political Thinkers of Modern India
Adi H Doctor, 1997

Many more Google books are there. Search in Google Books search facility.

2009 Lok Sabha Members - Telephone Numbers, Email and Birthdays

Contains emails, telephone numbers, addresses, and birthdays of Lok Sabha members.

Trying to include birthdays in the blog History of India - Important events datewise

Monday, December 24, 2012

100 Years of Indian Cinema - 100th Year - 2012 - 13 Celebrations

Hindi Films History of The Day - Index for The Year

Indian cinema turned 100 on April 21, 2012.

Dada Saheb Phalke's first production ‘Raja Harishchandra’ was screened at Coronation Cinema in Mumbai on 3 May 1913 marking the beginning of Indian cinema.

30 Minute by NDTV

V.K. Murty - A Visionary Cameraman of Gurudutt


Indian Films Stars, Producers, Directors, Playback singers, Music Directors - Birthdays

  1 - Asrani
  1 - Nana Patekar
  1 - Sonali Bendre
  1 - Vidya Balan
  3 - Sanjay Khan
  5 - Deepika Padukone
  6 - A. R. Rehman 1976 - Music Composer
  9 - Mahendra Kapoor
10 - Hrithik Roshan

16 - Kabir Bedi

24 - Subhash Ghai - Film Producer and Director, Mukta Arts

31 - Preity Zinta


  1 - Jackie Shroff
  3 - Waheeda Rehman
  5 - Abhishek Bachchan
  9 - Amrita Singh
11 - Tina Munim

15 - Randhir Kapoor
24 - Pooja Bhatt
25 - Danny Denzoppa




15 - Madhuri Dixit


 4 - S.P. Balasubrahmanyam (1946) - Telugu film singer


25 - Kaikala Satyanarayana (1935)  - Telugu Film Actor - Biography and Films Videos


  4 - Kishore Kumar


20 - Akkineni Nageswara Rao - Telugu films top hero - Biography and films
28 - Lata Mangeshkar (1929) - Film singer - Nightingale of India



  1 - Aishwarya Rai
  2 - Shahrukh Khan

  7 - Kamal Hasan

21 - Helen  - Popular Dancer - Hindi Films - Biography and Videos 
22 - Saroj Khan - Choreographer for films - Biography and Videos

24 - Amol Palekar
25 - Bappi Lahiri - Hindi films music director


 1 - Udit Narayan
 6 - Savitri - very popular Telugu actress
 6 - Shekar Kapoor
 7 - Shekhar Suman

 8 - Dharmendra

10 - Rati Agnihotri  - Hindi film actress
11 - Dilip Kumar - Hindi film actor
12 - Rajnikant - Tamil film actor
13 - D. Venkatesh (1960) - Telugu film actor
14 - Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao (1922) - Telugu film singer
14 - Raj Kapoor (1924) - Hindi film actor, director and producer - Biography, Films Videos - Songs
17 - John Abraham - Hindi film actor
17 - Ritesh Deshmukh - Hindi film actor
21 - Govinda - Hindi film actor
24 - Anil Kapoor - Hindi film actor
24 - Mohammed Rafi - Hindi film singer - Biography and Songs videos
27 - Salman Khan - Hindi film actor
29 - Twinkle Khanna - Hindi film actor

29 - Rajesh Khanna - One time superstar of Hindi films

Links to Various Other Lists

Hit and Superhit Hindi Films - Full Movie Videos  on YouTube and Yahoo

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Gujarat - State - India - Facts and Figures


Ahmedabad - Ahmedabad
Amreli  - Amreli
Anand - Anand
Bharuch - Bharuch
Rajkot - Rajkot

Monday, December 17, 2012

Subrahmanya Shashti

Subrahmanya Shashti is observed in Andhra Pradesh in Margashirsha Masa. It is also observed in Karntaka.

It falls on 18 December in 2012

Subramanya Ashtakam Chanting - Very good


Kukke Subramanya Song - Kannada


Subramanya stotram

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sirsa - District of Haryana State

The district headquarters  is Sirsa town. It is 255 km from Delhi and 280 km from Chandigarh.  Dabwali, Ellenabad, Rori and Rania are other towns. The district lies between 29 14 and 30 0 north latitude and 74 29 and 75 18 east longitudes. It is in the extreme west corner of Haryana. The neibouring districts  are Faridkot and Bhatinda of Punjab in the north and north east, district Ganganagar of Rajasthan in the west and south and Hissar district in the east.

Sirsa district is divided into 3 sub-divisions and 4 tehsils.

Census 2001 Population: 11,16,649

There are a total of 323 villages in the district out of which 313 are connected with paved roads.
I came across the news item that all 334 villages in Sirsa were provided with solar lights[2012]. (334 villages figures needs to be checked).

Haryana Renewable Energy Department (HRED) has spent Rs.12.65 crore to install 5000 solar lights. 30% of the project cost(Rs. 3.80 cr) was provided by Central government. The remaining was spent by beneficiaries and the State Government.

About 79% of the population lives in the rural areas. Sirsa gets an annual rainfall of about 26 cm. The area under cultivation is 3,88,000 hectares out of which 3,06,000 is irrigated. The district excels in the production of cotton and citrus fruit.

Kumbh Mela - Prayag

When Jupiter is in Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi ) and the sun is in Capricorn (Makar Rashi) Kumbha Mela is celebrated at Prayag

Now Jupiter is in Taurus. On January 14 Makara Sankraman is occurring. Hence Kumbh Mela will take place in Prayag, Allahabad

Kumbhmela sites

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rajinikanth - Tamil Actor - Biography and Film Videos

Birth 12 December 1950

He worked as bus conductor for some time. He acted in some dramas. He developed interest in acting and enrolled in Madras Film Institute. K. Balachander saw him and gave a role in his film.

Acted in Tamil and Telugu films. Acted in some Hindi films also.
Super Star in Tamil films.

First Film: Apoorva Raarangal (1975) by Balachander
Acted in more than 150 films.

Bhairavi (1978) First film with Rajinikanth as hero





Sri Raghavendra - 100 Film of Rajinikanth

Thanga Magan (1993)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nanasaheb Peshwa - Balaji Baji Rao - 1721 - 1761

Birth 8 December 1721

He was appointed as Peshwa by Chatrapati Sahu.

He expanded Maratha empire. But Marathas were defeated in Third Battle of Panipat in 1761. He also died immediately due to consumptive disease.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Higher Education in India - 2012

Total estimated enrolment 26650953
Total population in 18-23 age group - 141681733
Gross enrolment rato: 18.8

This may not be the right way of calculating the ratio. It is better to take 3 year figure as undergraduate program are of three year duration. The enrolment ratio may go up to 36.6%

All India Survey on Higher Education 2011 Provisional Report - Published in 2012. Available on MHRD Site, India

1.5 million Engineering Degree seats and 1 million Engineering Diploma seats

The educational facilities for engineering have increased rapidly in India.

According to AICTE Chairman, S.S. Mantha there are 1.5 million engineering degree seats and 1 million diploma seats in India.

Nov. 28, 2012

India has a population of 124 crores in 2011. Around 2 crore children are entering educational institutions every year. India has a plan of 30% enrolment in higher education. Which means  seats for 6 million (60 lakh) have to be created in various graduate branches. 2.5 million engineering degree and diploma seats is a good investment.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

This Day in India's (Indian) History - June

8 June

8 June 1948 Air India started regular service Bombay to London

19 June

19 June 1956 Life Insurance of India Act was passed.

23 June

23 June 1757 Battle of Plassey - East India company forces won that battle. Siraj-ud-Daula fled the battle.

25 June

25 June 1932 Indian team started playing its first test match.
25 June 1983 Indian won Cricket World Cup

Saturday, December 1, 2012

This Day in India's (Indian) History - April

13 April

13 April 1919 Jalianwala Bagh Massacre of Innocent people by British Police.

28 April  1916 B.G. Tilak started Indian Home Rule League with its headquarters at Poona.

30 April

1030 Mahmud Ghazni passed away in his capital

1908 Khudiram Bose along with Prafulla Chaki had planned to throw a bomb at a carriage  carrying the  magistrate Kingsford. But  he was betrayed and was caught and  was sentenced to death.

1998 Anna Hazare, social worker, was awarded the CARE International humanitarian award for 1998

1999 Jessica Lal, model and TV personality, was murdered in a crowded south Delhi restaurant.

This Day in India's (Indian) History - May

1 May

1897 Swami Vivekananda established Ramakrishna Mission.
1923 Under the leadership of Singaravelu Chettiar, the first May day was celebrated in India.
1947 Congress Working Committee accepted Partition in principle
1960 Bombay province was divided between Maharashtra and Gujrat States.
1977 Janata Party was established.
1994 Political party Shiromani Akali Dal was established.
1998 The Konkan Railway running for 760-km is dedicated to the nation by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

2 May

1968 Lok Sabha passed the Public Provident Fund Act.
1996 General Election 2nd phase begins in 204 LS and 223 Assembly constituencies spread over 17 States & union territories.

3 May

1764 Mir Kasim, with the backing of Delhi Emperor, attacked on Patna but was defeated by Britishers. Britishers became the rulers of Bengal, the richest province of India.

1765 Clive became Governor of Bengal for second time after he returned to Calcutta from England.

1913  Dada Saheb Phalke, made India's first fully indigenous silent four-reel feature film 'Raja Harishchandra'  The film had titles in Hindi and English and was released today at the Coronation Cinematograph in Bombay.

1947 Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) was established.

4 May

1783 - Tipu Sultan was enthroned as the ruler of Mysore after the death of Haider Ali in a simple ceremony at Bednur.

1799 Tipu Sultan was killed in a battle against 5,000 British soldiers who stormed and razed his capital, Seringapatanam.

1854 The first stamp was officially issued from Calcutta where the first modern post office was established.

1993 Santosh Yadav became the first Indian woman to conquer the Everest twice.

5 May

1930 Gandhiji was arrested and imprisoned without trial.

1944 Gandhi-Jinnah talks break down on Pakistan issue.

1955 Indian parliament accept Hindu divorce.

1977 Chandra Shekar chosen President of the Janatha Party.

1992 Prithvi, India's medium range surface-to-surface missile, successfully launched.

6 May

1529  Babar Shah, Mughal Emperior, defeated  Nawab Nasrat Shah of Bengal, on the banks of Ghaghra river.

1680 Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj was crowned.

1775 Nanda Kumar, king of Calcutta, was arrested.

1952 Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected the President of India "Rashtrapati"after the first Presidential election held under the Indian constitution.

9 May

May 1933  Gandhiji released from prison as he begins fast for self-purification. INC suspends Civil Disobedience movement but authorizes Satyagraha by individuals.

18 May

May 1775 Battle of Aras - British defeated Marathas

23 May

1984 Bachendri Pal, an employee of Tata Iron and Steel Co. Limited climbed to the summit of Mount Everest to become the first Indian woman and the fifth women in the world to achieve this feat.

This Day in India's (Indian) History - July

1 July
Foundation day of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

2 July

1972 India Pakistan Shimla Agreement

Updated on 1 July 2012


Gujarat 2012 Assembly Elections - News, Results, Views, Videos

First phase of Polling 13 December
Nominations for First phase 24 November last date
                                         28 November last date for withdrawal

Second phase of Polling 17 December
Nominations 30 November last date
                     3 last date for drawal

44,496 polling stations - 3.78 crores voters
182 constituencies
13 SC, and 27 STs reserved

Counting 20 December

Nominations filed

Second phase 95 constituencies - 1374 candidates
First phase     87 constituencies  -  846 candidates


Narendra Modi is contesting from Maninagar

Modi addressing party workers in Maninagar


News Videos - YouTube - Yahoo

Discussion on Rajyasabha TV - 25.11.2012


Opinion Poll - 4 October 2012