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This Day in India's (Indian) History - May

1 May

1897 Swami Vivekananda established Ramakrishna Mission.
1923 Under the leadership of Singaravelu Chettiar, the first May day was celebrated in India.
1947 Congress Working Committee accepted Partition in principle
1960 Bombay province was divided between Maharashtra and Gujrat States.
1977 Janata Party was established.
1994 Political party Shiromani Akali Dal was established.
1998 The Konkan Railway running for 760-km is dedicated to the nation by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

2 May

1968 Lok Sabha passed the Public Provident Fund Act.
1996 General Election 2nd phase begins in 204 LS and 223 Assembly constituencies spread over 17 States & union territories.

3 May

1764 Mir Kasim, with the backing of Delhi Emperor, attacked on Patna but was defeated by Britishers. Britishers became the rulers of Bengal, the richest province of India.

1765 Clive became Governor of Bengal for second time after he returned to Calcutta from England.

1913  Dada Saheb Phalke, made India's first fully indigenous silent four-reel feature film 'Raja Harishchandra'  The film had titles in Hindi and English and was released today at the Coronation Cinematograph in Bombay.

1947 Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) was established.

4 May

1783 - Tipu Sultan was enthroned as the ruler of Mysore after the death of Haider Ali in a simple ceremony at Bednur.

1799 Tipu Sultan was killed in a battle against 5,000 British soldiers who stormed and razed his capital, Seringapatanam.

1854 The first stamp was officially issued from Calcutta where the first modern post office was established.

1993 Santosh Yadav became the first Indian woman to conquer the Everest twice.

5 May

1930 Gandhiji was arrested and imprisoned without trial.

1944 Gandhi-Jinnah talks break down on Pakistan issue.

1955 Indian parliament accept Hindu divorce.

1977 Chandra Shekar chosen President of the Janatha Party.

1992 Prithvi, India's medium range surface-to-surface missile, successfully launched.

6 May

1529  Babar Shah, Mughal Emperior, defeated  Nawab Nasrat Shah of Bengal, on the banks of Ghaghra river.

1680 Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj was crowned.

1775 Nanda Kumar, king of Calcutta, was arrested.

1952 Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected the President of India "Rashtrapati"after the first Presidential election held under the Indian constitution.

9 May

May 1933  Gandhiji released from prison as he begins fast for self-purification. INC suspends Civil Disobedience movement but authorizes Satyagraha by individuals.

18 May

May 1775 Battle of Aras - British defeated Marathas

23 May

1984 Bachendri Pal, an employee of Tata Iron and Steel Co. Limited climbed to the summit of Mount Everest to become the first Indian woman and the fifth women in the world to achieve this feat.

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