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Transformation of India - Be a Part of It.

India to be $20 Trillion GDP Economy by 2035 - $10 Trillion GDP Economy by 2030
$7 Trillion GDP Economy by 2025 - $5 Trillion GDP Economy by 2020

According to figures released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the year 2014-15 ended with exports of $310 billion against target of $340 billion. The trade deficit was $137 billion. India announced a five-year foreign trade policy to increase total exports to $900 billion in the year 2019-20.

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April 2017

Manpreet Kaur - World Number One in Shot Put

Manpreet Kaur threw shot put over a distance of 18.86 m in Asian Grand Prix, Jinhua, China and won Gold. Also, this is the world's best throw in recent days. So we can say she is the World's Number 1 at the moment.

30 April 2017


Nattukottai Chettiyars to Promote Entrepreneurship

Nattukottai Chettiyars to Promote Entrepreneurship among their children. Entrepreneurs are now only 15%. They want to take back that percentage to 90%.

29 April 2017


DIPP cleared Amazon's Rs. 3,500 crore food retailing proposal.

Google India - Solve for India Programme.

Google India is launching Solve for India Programme. The Program Manager Lead is Karthik Padmanabhan. The programme will engage at least 10,000 entrepreneurs and developers. The program was started in Pune and will be extended to Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Madurai, Nagpur and Nashik.

In the year 2016-17, Jio added 93 million subscribers. But the top three leading providers also added 39 million subscribers. So the overall market has expanded.

India likely to get a normal monsoon this year - IMD forecast.

BJP wins MCD Polls


19 August 2016
NDA wll get 304 seats -  India Today - Karvy Insights Poll

May 2016

Modi's Ministers - Successes and Failures


12 April 2016

Read in an advertisement of Xrabia - Flat builders that Greater MMR region will have $1 trillion GDP in the next 20 years. Good thought.

The world's 15 biggest metropolitan areas

How women can boost India’s GDP by whopping $ 3 trillion


Seminar held in Thane on 10 February 2016


In view of the birth centenary year of Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya, (Propounder of Ekatma Manav-vad), Deendayal Prerana Kendra and Ekatma Prabodh Mandal have organized a seminar on Ekatma Manav Darshan as per details below:



Time: WEDNESDAY, 10TH FEBRUARY 2016, 4.30 TO 7.45 PM

Session 1: Ekatma Manav Darshan & Capitalism by Dr. KVSS Narayana Rao



Session 2: Ekatma Manav Darshan & Globalization by Dr. Varadraj Bapat
Session 3: Ekatma Manav Darshan – In Practice by Dilip Kelkar
Session 4: Samarop: DR. SATISH MODH,  Director, Vivekanand Institute of Mgt, Chembur

DEENDAYAL PRERANA KENDRA 2/27 Kalpana Sahaniwas, Sahyog Mandir Path, Naupada, Thane (W)

EKATMA PRABODH MANDAL (Activity of Ekatma Vikas Samiti, Public Trust) B105 Vatsalyadeep, Krantiveer Phadke Marg, Mulund East, Mumbai 400081 Tel: 25639654, Email: ekatmaprabodh at the rate

November 2015

Consumer confidence index of India is Global high at 131 for the third quarter of 2015.

Sep 2015

EVENT:  25 Sep 2015

Inaugural function of  Birth Anniversary Celebrations  of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya.  Lok Sabha Speaker Smt Sumitra Mahajan will be the Chief Guest. The Minister of Home Affairs, Shri Rajnath Singh & The Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Information & Broadcasting, Shri Arun Jaitley will be the Guest of Honour.

25th September, 2015 (Friday)

TIME: 1030 HRS (IST)
VENUE: Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Teen Murti House, New Delhi-110001

Shri Arun Jaitley addressing India Economic Convention on 17 September 2015


uploaded by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Tata Group Revenue rises over 5% to $109 billion for the financial year 2014-15 (Economic Times 31 August 2015)

Make in India - Will be Successful - Role of Industrial Engineering in India's Make in India Campaign - Presentation by me in Goa - IIIE Foundation Day Lecture 2015


Uploaded by Narayana Rao


May 2015

Why "Make in India" Makes Sense
Presentation by Jagdish Sheth at Emory University


Uploaded on 6 April 2015

Prof Uday Amonkar Memorial Lecture - Make in India - Role of Industrial Engineering

April 2015

An Assessment of Modi Government - Panel Discussion at World Economic Forum 2014, November

6 November 2014

According to figures released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the year 2014-15 ended with exports of $310 billion against target of $340 billion. The trade deficit was $137 billion. India announced a five-year foreign trade policy to increase total exports to $900 billion in the year 2019-20.

India GDP: $2.308 trillion

26 Feb
In India, internet connections will reach 500 million figures.
How 500 million internet users will transform India  - Article in Economic Times on 26 Feb 2015

24 February
Interesting articles in Financial Express

On resources for Budget.

Presence on e-Commerce platforms provides Buzz to Brands.


26 October
Oil Discovery in Cambay Basin of Gujarat  by Jay Polychem India Ltd.

19 October
Maharashtra Assembly Elections - Elected MLAs List
BJP emerged as the single largest party with 122 seats out of 288.
In Haryana assembly, BJP got a simple majority. 47 out of 90 member assembly.

2 October
Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to start Swachch Bharat Abhiyan today in Delhi

1 October
Narendra Modi boarded flight for return to India from USA.

30 November
PM Narendra Modi paid respects to Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi Memorial in Washington DC

Times Now upload

16 August
Indigenously built largest warship INS Kolkata commissioned by PM Narendra Modi
                                          Picture source:

15 August
    Picture source:

2014 - 68 India Independence Day Celebration - Red Fort, Delhi - Prime Minister

BJP Economic Policy - Part of Election Manifesto 2014


26 July Kargil Vijay Diwas

Defence Mister and Chiefs of Defence forces saluting Amar Jawans on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Day.

Centenary of Komagata Maru (29 September 2014 to 29 September 2015)
Centenary of Begum Akthar (7 October 2014 to 7 October 2015)
125th Birth Anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru (14 November 2014 to 14 November 2015)


25 December

Vajpayee's birthday being celebrated by BJP.

24 December

BJP Parliamentary Board and Election Committee Meeting News





22 December 2013
Narendra Modi Addressed a meeting in Mumbai


India South Africa Test
Post Lunch South Africa - 298-4,  to score 458 to win.

21 December

Modi's Speech at Varanasi

15 December 2013

Run for Unity - Remembering Sardar Patel

Rally - Narendra Modi at Dehradun



National Energy Conservation Day - 2013



Election Results of 4 State Assemblies
Counting was done  4 state assemblies of Madhya Pradesh, Rajastan, Chattisgarh and Delhi. Counting in Mizoram will be done tomorrow.

Madhya Pradesh - BJP got full majority
Rajastan - BJP got full majority 162
Chattisgarh - BJP got full Majority  49
Delhi - BJP the single largest party  31

First Medal for India. Bronze for Gagan Narang in 10m Air Rifle Event. Congratulations Gagan Narang.

Indian Olympic Team Itinerary

1 August 2012


Media's Role in Anna's Anti Corruption Movement - A Discussion



London 2012 Olympics Indian Team Participation Schedule

Rajesh Khanna, one super star of Hindi films,  died 18 July 2012.

India News - Videos London Olympics 2012

NITIE students have provided solar laterns to villagers of  Sadapdana in Nashik District.

Cheti Chand - Birthday of Jhulelal - the day after Ugadi day

Tomorrow is Shri Rama Navami - Shri Rama Janmadin

Shri Rama Navami

Updated 30 April 2017, 29 April 2017

India - Farm Equipment Industry Excluding Tractors

Rs. 5000 crore Organized Farm Equipment Industry in India.

Global Farm Machinery (excluding  Tractors) Industry (USD in  billion)
Product segments              2018

Harvesting                             40
Planting & Fertilizer              15
Haying                                   13
Tillage                                   11
Others                                   19
Parts& Attachments              33
Total                                    131   billion dollars

Tractors account for one-third sales in total farm machinery.  So total farm machinery market is 200 billion dollars globally.

March 2017

Tirth Agro's mechanised farm equipment business is growing briskly. The company now plans to ramp up exports.
It is the winner of Business Todays 'Best SME award' in the agriculture and allied sector. It is an unlisted company.  In 2015/16,  it has posted a turnover of Rs561.7 crore and Profit After tax (PAT) of Rs24.9 crore.

January  2017

A Uber for Agriculture
EM3 provides modern, affordable farm technology services on a pay-per-use basis.

October 2016

Potential for Tractor Rent Business

India has 139 million farmers and out of that 85 per cent,  about 100 million, have less than 2 hectares. If these 100 million start renting tractors, 20 million tractors can be deployed on rent.
That is 10 times the number of  tractors in stock in India right now. So promoting tractors on rent is a good move for expanding the services business in India and also for increasing manufacture of tractors in India.  The domestic tractor industry is approximately 5,00,000 units of sales/production in 2016. Therefore an estimate that a total of 2 million tractors are in stock is reasonable.

Sep 2016

The organized farm mechanization (excluding tractors) business is around  Rs5,000 crore in India. The ratio of tractors to other farm equipment may be  85:15. The market in India for farm implements equipment is largely unorganized. Mahindra and Mahindra has Rs. 240 cr. farm machinery business excluding tractors.

2013 Report on Rice Transplantors in India

Friday, April 28, 2017

Housing Related Industries

A news item claims that 270 industries are related to housing. Low cost housing has a big potential in India with Government coming out with the slogan house for every body by 2022. What are the 270 industries? Attempt is to list these industries

Housing related industries

Construction tools
Construction equipment
Electrical cable
Electrical fittings
Electrical meters
Sanitory fittings
Water pipes - steel
Water pipes - plastic
Drainage pipes
Air conditioners
Door latches, hinges
Curtain rods

Please suggest more industries that are normally considered as separate industries.

Narendra Modi - Hindi - 2017 - प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी

 नरेन्द्र मोदी


26 February 2017

मन की बात: डिजिटल ट्रांजेक्शन बढ़ रहा है, मैं इसे शुभ संकेत मानता हूं- मोदी
By: एबीपी न्यूज़  Sunday, 26 February 2017

हिन्दू चाहता है कि नरेन्द्र मोदी के शासन काल में ही बने राम मंदिर'
Published 26-Feb-2017

प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी के नेतृत्व में देश तेजी से बदल रहा है;- कृष्णपाल गुर्जर

April 2017

नागपुर, महाराष्ट्र में विभिन्न सरकारी परियोजनाओं और योजनाओं के शुभारंभ में प्रधानमंत्री का संबोधन
14 अप्रैल, 2017

क्‍या 2022 जब आजादी के 75 साल हो रहे है। आज हम 2017 में खड़े हैं। पांच साल का समय हमारे पास हैं। सवा सौ करोड़ देशवासी अगर संकल्‍प करे कि जिन महापुरूषों ने आजादी के लिए जीवन लगा दिया, उनके सपनों का भारत बनाने के लिए मेरी तरफ से इतना योगदान होगा। मैं भी कुछ करके रहूंगा, और संकल्‍प करके रहूंगा और सही दिशा में करके रहूंगा, मैं नहीं मानता हूं कि 2022 आते-आते देश विश्‍व के सामने खड़े होने की ताकत के साथ खड़ा नहीं होगा, मुझे कोई आशंका नहीं है। और उसमें एक सपना है हमारा 2022 जब आजादी के 75 साल हो तब मेरे देश के गरीब से गरीब का अपना घर हो। इस देश का कोई गरीब ऐसा न हो, जिसको अपना रहने के लिए अपना घर न हो, अपनी छत न हो। और घर भी ऐसा हो, जिसमें बिजली हो, पानी हो, चूल्‍हा हो, गैस का चूल्‍हा हो, नजदीक में बच्‍चों के लिए स्‍कूल हो, बुजुर्गों के लिए नजदीक में अस्‍पताल हो ऐसा हिन्‍दुस्‍तान क्‍यों नहीं देख सकते। क्या सवा सौ देशवासी मिल करके हमारे देश के गरीब के आंसू नहीं पोंछ सकते? भीम राव अम्‍बेडकर जी ने जिन सपनों को ले करके संविधान में रचना की है, उन संविधान को जी करके दिखाने का अवसर आया है। हम 2022 के लिए संकल्‍प करे, कुछ कर-गुजरने का इरादा लेकर चल पड़े। मैं मानता हूं कि यह सपना पूरा होगा।

राष्ट्रीय पंचायती राज दिवस पर प्रधानमंत्री का संदेश
24 अप्रैल, 2017
प्रधानमंत्री ने अपने संदेश में कहा:
”राष्‍ट्रीय पंचायती राज दिवस पर मैं पूरे भारत में पंचायती राज संस्‍थानों के जरिये लोगों की सेवा करने वाले परिश्रमी लोगों को सलाम करता हूं। पंचायत ग्रामीण भारत में लोगों की आकांक्षाओं को पूरा करने का एक प्रभावी तरीका है। भारत के बदलाव में वे महत्‍वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रहे हैं। हमारी सरकार समग्र प्रगति और जमीनी स्‍तर की भागीदारी के जरिये ‘ग्राम उदय से भारत उदय’ को वास्‍तविक बनाने के लिए काम कर रही है।”

Updated 30 April 2017, 26 Feb 2017

Tourist Places of India - Tour to India - Places to Visit

Tourist Places of India - Tour to India - Places to Visit

Tourist Places of India - Tour to India - Places to Visit

India - Tour

Some of the tourist places of India The state in which they are located and importance of the place from tourism interest are given in the table. Links when present on the name of the town take you to knols that have more details about the place.

100 beautiful places to visit in India - Photo Feature

Some of the Tourist Places of India
The state in which they are located and importance of the place from tourism interest are given in the table. Links when present on the name of the town take you to knols that have more details about the place.
Town State of India Importance
Agartala Tripura Palace
Agra Uttar Pradesh Taj Mahal
Ahmedabad Gujarat Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi)
Aivali (Aihole) Karnataka Ancient temples
Aizwal Mizoram Scenic beauty
Ajanta  Maharashtra Rock cut caves
Ajmer Rajasthan Pushkar lake, Dargah Khwaja Sahib
Allahabad  Uttar Pradesh Confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati
Almora Uttaranchal Hill station, Temple
Almora Arunachal Pradesh Ramakrishna Ashram
Alwar Rajasthan Rajput monuments
Amarkantak Bihar Source of Narmada river
Amarnath J&K Cave Temple
Amaravathi Andhra Pradesh Buddhist remains
Amritsar  Punjab Golden Temple ( Sikh)
Anandapur sahib
Andhra Pradesh
Sikh Pilgrim Place
Lord Satyanarayana Temple
Araku Valley Andhra Pradesh Hill station
Aurangabad Maharashtra Rock cut caves
Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh Temple, Birth place of Lord Rama



Badrinath Uttaranchal Temple
Bandipur Tamilnadu Wildlife sanctuary
Bangalore Karnataka Fort and Gardens
Bangaram Island Laksha Dweep Beach
Bathkal West Bengal Beach resort
Belur Karnataka Ancient temples
Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh Rama temple
Bhakra Punjab Damsite
Bharatpur Rajasthan Bird sanctuary
Bhilai Chhatisgarh Steel plant
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Palaces
Bhubaneshwar Orissa Lingaraja temle
Bidar Karnataka Fort
Bijapur Karnataka Gol Gumbaj
Bikaner Rajasthan Karni devi temple
Bodh Gaya Bihar Bodhi temple
Bondia Arunachal Pradesh Scenery, Buddist Temples and museum
Borra Caves Andhra Pradesh Rock-cut caves


Himachal Pradesh

Chandigarh Punjab and Haryana Planned city
Chennai Tamilnadu National park
Cherrapunji Assam Water falls
Chilka Lake Orissa Lake
Chitrakoot Andhra Pradesh Water falls
Chittorgarh Rajasthan Tower of victory
Corbett Uttar Pradesh National park
Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh Hill station
Darjeeling Uttar Pradesh Hill station
Datia Madhya Pradesh Govind Palace

New Delhi NCR Capital of India
Dharmashala Himachal Pradesh Head quarters of Dalai Lama
Digha West Bengal Beach resort
Diu Union Territory Beach
Dwaraka Gujarat Ancient temples
Elephanta Island Maharashtra Rock cut caves
Ellora Maharashtra Rock cut caves
Fatehpur Sikri Uttar Pradesh Palace, Buland Darwaza
Ganapatipule Maharashtra Ganapati temple, Beach resort
Gangotri Uttaranchal Source of Ganga river
Gangtok Sikkim Hill station, trekking
Gaya Bihar Pilgrim centre
Gopalpur-on-sea Orissa Beach resort
Gulmarg J&K Meadow of flowers
Guruvayur Kerala Temple
Guwahati Assam Temples
Gwalior Madhya Pradesh Fort
Halebidu Karnataka Ancient temples
Hampi Karnataka Ruins of Vijayanagar capital
Haridwar Uttar Pradesh Temple
Hazaribag Bihar Natinal park
Hirakud Orissa Dam site
Horsely Hills Andhra Pradesh Hill station
Hyderabad  Andhra Pradesh Golconda fort
Imphal Manipur Manipuri dance
Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh Lake and Ashram
Jailsalmer Rajasthan Fort and Palace
Jaipur Rajasthan Hawa mahal
Jaisamand Madhya Pradesh Wildlife sanctuary
Jammu J&K Fort and Palace
Jamshedpur Jharkhand Steel plant
Jodhpur Rajasthan Rajput monuments
Jog Falls Karnataka Water falls
Junagadh Gujarat Asokan inscription
Kaldi Kerala Birth place of Adi Sankaracharya
Kalimpang Sikkim Hill station
kanchipuram Tamilnadu Kamakshi Temple
Kanha Bihar National park
Kanniyakumari Tamilnadu Temple
Kanpur Uttar Pradesh memorial garden
Kasie (Kushinagar) Uttar Pradesh Buddhist remains
Kavaratti Island Laksha Dweep Beach
Kaziranga Assam Wildlife sanctuary
Kedarnath Uttaranchal Temple
Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh Temples
Kochi Kerala Vasco da Gama's Tomb
Kodaikanal Tamilnadu Hill station
Kohima Nagaland Park
Kokana Andaman & Nicobar Beach
Kolkata  West Bengal Victoria memorial
Konark Orissa Sun temple
Koteshwar Gujarat Narayana sarovar lake
Kovalam Kerala Beach
Kulu Himachal Pradesh Valley and Trekking
Kuttalam Tamilnadu Water falls
Leh J&K Trekking
Lonavala  Maharashtra Hill station
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Capital of Uttar Pradesh
Madhura Uttar Pradesh Temple, Birth place of Lord Krishna
Madurai Tamilnadu Meenakshi temple
Mahabaleshwar Maharashtra Water falls
Mahanandi Karnataka Temple
Mamallapuram Tamilnadu Shore temples
Manali Himachal Pradesh Hill station
Manas Arunachal Pradesh Wildlife sanctuary
Mandu Madhya Pradesh Palaces
Mao Songsang Nagaland Hill station
Matharan Maharashtra Hill station
Mayabandar Andaman & Nicobar Beach
Mayapur West Bengal Iskon temple
Mount Abu
Dilwara temple
Wildlife Sanctuary
Mumbai  Maharashtra Financial capital of India
Mushirabad West Bengal Motijhil
Mussorie Uttar Pradesh Hill station
Mysore Karnataka Palace
Andhra Pradesh
Dam site
Shri Ram Tekdi, RSS Head Quarters
Nainital Uttaranchal Lake
Nalanda Bihar Remains of ancient university
Nanded Maharashtra Sikh Pilgrim Place
Nandi hills Karnataka Holiday resort
Nashik Maharashtra Temple
Ooty Tamilnadu Hill station
Palampet Andhra Pradesh Temple, lake
Panaji  Goa Beach
Panchmarhi Madhya Pradesh Caves
Panipat Haryana Historic battle place
Parashuram kund Arunachal Pradesh Pilgrim centre
Patna Bihar Ancient Pataliputra ruins
Periyar Tamilnadu Wildlife sanctuary
Phalagam J&K Fishing
Pittil island Laksha Dweep Sanctuary of sea birds
Pondicherri Pondicherri Aurobindo Ashram
Porbandar Gujarat Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi
Portblair Andaman & Nicobar Beach
Pultana Gujarat Temple
Pune Maharashtra palaces
Puri  Orissa Jagannath temple
Puttaparthi Andhra Pradesh Satya Sai baba ashram
Rajagir Bihar Jain and Buddhist sites
Rameswaram Tamilnadu Temple
Ranchi Jharkhand Health resort
Riskhikesh Uttar Pradesh Temple
Rourkela Orissa Steel plant
Sabarimalai Kerala Lord Ayyappa temple
Sanchi Madhya Pradesh Buddhist remains
Santiniketan West Bengal Tagore's University
Saputara Gujarat Holiday resort
Sarnath Bihar Museum
Sasan gir Gujarat National park and Lion sanctuary
Sasaram Bihar Antique Mausoleum
Shillong Meghalaya Water falls
Shimla Himachal Pradesh Health resort
Shirdi Maharashtra Sai baba temple
Shivpuri Uttar Pradesh Lakes, Hill station
Shravanbelagola Karnataka Gomateswara statue, Jain pilgrim centre
Sibsagar Assam Fort 
Silvassa Union Territory Temple
Simipal Orissa natinal park and water falls
Somnathpur Karnataka Ancient temples
Sonemarg J&K Meadow of Golden Flowers
Sri Kalahasti Andhra Pradesh Temple
Srinagar J&K Dal Lake and Gardens
Srirangapattana Karnataka Fort
Srisailam Andhra Pradesh Shiva Temple
Sunderbans West Bengal Wildlife sanctuary
Thanjavur Tamilnadu Brihadeeswara temple
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Beach
Tiruchinapalli Tamilnadu Rock temple
Tirupati Andhra Pradesh Lord Venkateswara temple
Turp North East Hill station and hiking
Udaipur Rajasthan Lake and palaces
Udwada Gujarat Fire temple
Ujjain Madhya Pradesh Temple
Vadodara Gujarat Palace
Vaishnodevo J&K Temple
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh Shiva Temple
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh Beach
Warangal Andhra Pradesh Thousand Pillar temple
Wardha Maharashtra Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram
Yamunotri Uttaranchal Source of Yamuna river

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Aurangabad is one of best tourism place to visit.

There are lots of places to visit in the Aurangabad like Ellora, Ajenta Caves, Daultabad and lots more.
Check out more information about these places:
Nikhil Bille - 16 Sep 2011

Hill Station in Haryana

Haryana can be added in the list of tourist places which is famous for the hill stations.For more information visit:
mini smith - 24 May 2011


Shirdi is a most popular pilgrimage destination of Maharashtra. Shirdi is home to a whole number of places of worship, there are temples and mosques here, as well as a handful of memorials and tombs.
Selene Mathew - 22 Mar 2011