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India - Farm Equipment Industry Excluding Tractors

Rs. 5000 crore Organized Farm Equipment Industry in India.

Global Farm Machinery (excluding  Tractors) Industry (USD in  billion)
Product segments              2018

Harvesting                             40
Planting & Fertilizer              15
Haying                                   13
Tillage                                   11
Others                                   19
Parts& Attachments              33
Total                                    131   billion dollars

Tractors account for one-third sales in total farm machinery.  So total farm machinery market is 200 billion dollars globally.

March 2017

Tirth Agro's mechanised farm equipment business is growing briskly. The company now plans to ramp up exports.
It is the winner of Business Todays 'Best SME award' in the agriculture and allied sector. It is an unlisted company.  In 2015/16,  it has posted a turnover of Rs561.7 crore and Profit After tax (PAT) of Rs24.9 crore.

January  2017

A Uber for Agriculture
EM3 provides modern, affordable farm technology services on a pay-per-use basis.

October 2016

Potential for Tractor Rent Business

India has 139 million farmers and out of that 85 per cent,  about 100 million, have less than 2 hectares. If these 100 million start renting tractors, 20 million tractors can be deployed on rent.
That is 10 times the number of  tractors in stock in India right now. So promoting tractors on rent is a good move for expanding the services business in India and also for increasing manufacture of tractors in India.  The domestic tractor industry is approximately 5,00,000 units of sales/production in 2016. Therefore an estimate that a total of 2 million tractors are in stock is reasonable.

Sep 2016

The organized farm mechanization (excluding tractors) business is around  Rs5,000 crore in India. The ratio of tractors to other farm equipment may be  85:15. The market in India for farm implements equipment is largely unorganized. Mahindra and Mahindra has Rs. 240 cr. farm machinery business excluding tractors.

2013 Report on Rice Transplantors in India

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