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Telangana Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha 20 February 2014

20 February 2014
Telangana Bill passed on voice vote


Prime Minister's Speech


Venkayya Naidu in Rajya Sabha






PMs Speech

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Mumbai Municipal Corporation Budget 2014-15

The total size of the budget estimates for 2014-15 is Rs 31,178 crore which is 27.72 percent higher than last year’s budget of Rs 27,578 crore.


This year, the BMC plans to spend Rs27,578 crore. This comes to per capital expenditure of Rs. 22,101.3 using 1.2478 crores as populations (2011 census)

MCGM Budget Documents

BMC spares Mumbai from fresh taxes in its Budget for 2013-14

Implications of the MCGM Budget 2013-14 for Mumbaikars

Discussion on Mumbai Budget 2013-14 on TV9

Water supply of Greater Mumbai

Per Capita Income Mumbai

Mumbai's Per Capita Income for 2009-2010 stands at Rs 1.25 lakh
Mumbai's Per Capita Income for 2010-2011 stands at Rs 1.41 lakh

Population of Greater Mumbai

2011 - 1,24,78,447
Mumbai population from 1901 to 2001

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2 February DMDK Conference on Anti corruption

Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam, DMDK

Part 1


Part 2


Part 27


Part 32


Narendra Modi - Meerut Rally - 2 January 2014



English Version

"When I was coming on the helicopter here and looked down, it seemed as if there is a saffron sea  and  people were coming and coming.

After the Gorakhpur rally, I came to know that many reached the place at 9 pm and they were angry.  Even today,  I feel a lot many will be unable to reach on time today too. I apologise to them beforehand.

This land of Meerut is the land that inspired the 1857 war of independence. In that war, the message was communicated through  lotus and roti.

Brother and sisters, it has been over 150 years since the 1857 war of independence. Again, in 2014, for roti in the poor man's house, the lotus is ready to be used. .

150 years of the 1857 war of independence was celebrated in 2007. But the Indian government did not do it appropriately to make the youth aware about the struggle. A small function was done in Meerut.

The country did not even get to know the brave people who died for the country's independence. The UPA government ignored the occasion.

Why did they do it? Because if people of the country realize the  saga of 1857, they will not believe the saga of the Congress anymore. They do not acknowledge the sacrifice of other people. Is this not an insult to the great martyrs, an insult to the 1857 war of independence?

I have a direct relation to Meerut. It was the 'karm bhoomi' of Gujarat's son Swami Dayanand Saraswati. There is not a person here who does not respect Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

Population is increased in Meerut. The way population is increasing in Meerut, I hear its name in the list of the fast growing cities in India. Population may be growing but there is no development of the place.

This entire western UP, on which UP depends for development, is not getting the attention. If this is the situation in western UP, you can imagine the damage being done to other parts of the state.

Do you get electricity for 24 hours? Do you get electricity to run the fan when your mother is unwell? When your son has to study, is there electricity? They have not been able to give you regular power till now. After some years, will they be able to give anything? Power cuts are not news in UP, coming of power is. In trains and buses, people discuss: 'Brother, did it come? The other says: 'No, last week it did not come. Another said: 'It comes once in a while in the evening'.

When we tell people that Gujarat gets electricity for 24 hours and for 365 days, they ask: 'How many days a week? When I tell them that electricity comes from 365 days, they find it hard to believe.

the British were angry with Meerut and they considered Meerut as an enemy. They developed rail network across the nation but were not willing to give facilities to this region. But what about the present government that Meerut has been denied proper railway network, and airport, ?

Atal-ji saw the dream of the highway in 1999. But due to the Congress government and the BSP-SP fight, there has been no development.

If you see the condition of the sugarcane farmers here, one feels bad. They can't even earn enough for food. Mills are not getting cane and mills are not working.

One wishes that had Chaudhary Charan Singh was there, Mahendra Singh Tikait was there, they could have done something for the farmers.

The country was fortunate to have Chaudhary Charan Singh as Prime Minister. But people who claim to be followers of  Ram Manohar Lohia are not bothered about sugarcane farmers.

In Gujarat, when the cane crop is ready on Vijaya Dashmi, the mills start working from that day and the farmers get their money.

What is the reason that the UP government is not intervening to raise sugarcane productivity? In Gujarat, farmers have been able to use many tricks and techniques double the productivity. Gujarat has supported cooperatives and farmers run sugar mills as owners.

We can open a path to the welfare of farmers across the country.

What is the law and order situation in UP? It is as if the names of the parties have to be changed. Samajwadi Party has to be called  Samajvirodhi (anti-social) Party.

Do you think your sisters and daughters are safe under SP rule? Sisters and mothers are scared of coming out of houses. Mulayamji, Bhai Akhilesh, politics is OK but please protect the women of the state. If you want to compete with Modi, do it by improving law and order, by the welfare of farmers. But they won't do it.

If hooliganism keeps growing like this, if criminals are given a place in the government, imagine what will be the condition of the people.

A poet from Meerut once said that the nature of Ahmedabad and Meerut are similar. Our Meerut too is an expert in creating riots like Ahmedabad, he said. There were frequent riots in Ahmedabad 10 years ago. There were knifing incidents. But people decided to take up the path of development. And today, the city is riot-free.

Do we need to make Meerut riot-free, UP riot-free? The BJP believes in peace and harmony. We will make UP riot-free. This we promise you.

Brother and sisters, in UP, there is a lot of concern about women's security. In the last one year, one lakh cases of molestation have been reported.

Sugar mill owners are happy, the government is corrupt and the farmer is crushed.

Two days ago, Netaji gave a lecture. He said UP's welfare budget was bigger than Gujarat's entire budget. Sometimes, politicians accidentally speak the truth. But I want to ask him: Despite having a lower budget, people are prospering in Gujarat, but in your state, despite bigger budget, people are unhappy. Where did the money go? The pockets of politicians are getting heavier. Every paisa belonging to the people should be accounted for.

If you bring us to power in Delhi, I will not allow any hand to fall on the exchequer. Do you want to face the hardships your elders faced?

I do not understand: A youth looks for recommendation before going for a job interview. Can you think of  getting a job without paying money? Then what is the point of interview? This is the root of corruption.
We did an experiment in Gujarat. We asked the youth to upload their qualifications on the computer and asked the computer to make a list of 13,000 meritorious students. And they got the job sitting at home. There was not a single paisa of corruption. If we want to end corruption we can think of various ways.

I want to go to the Saraswati Vidya Mandir. Children from the northeastern states are taught here. On one side, children from far-off villages and forests are being taught here, and in Delhi, under the nose of Madam Sonia Gandhi, a boy from Arunachal is murdered. I want to tell people of the country: Go to Arunachal and you will be proud. People of Arunachal keep fighting China, people in Arunachal say Jai Hind to each other when they meet. A boy from the state is killed and our heads hang in shame. We should see Delhi as a global city. But with the kind of language being spoken, the country's head hangs in shame.

Some days ago, women from Uganda were mistreated, girls from Manipur were harassed and a boy from Arunachal was killed. The country's head hangs in shame. When we hear students from northeast do not get houses on rent in big cities, it is the need of the time that there should be hostels for children from the northeast in big cities. But the government in Delhi is not bothered about these things.

The Congress has a new tune. When the country asks questions on important issues, they answer on something else. When asked why farmers are committing suicide, Sonia-ji said people are sowing poison.
In the Congress' Jaipur session, Rahul-ji said that he went to mummy's room early in the morning and mummy told him that power is poison.

Tell me, who has been in power the longest? If power is poison, who has tasted poison the most? Whose stomach is filled with poison? Who is spewing poison? Who is sowing poison? The Congress is a divisive party.

I give you an example. Vajpayeeji made Uttarakhand. In both UP and Uttarakhand sweets were distributed. We sowed love. Vajpayeeji made Jharkhand. In  both Bihar and Jharkhand sweets were distributed. Because we sowed love. We made Chhattisgarh, and in  MP and Chhattisgarh were distributed sweets. We sowed love.

But they made Telangana and sowed poison. There are riots in Seemandhra and unrest in Telangana. Enough of sowing poison.

All of you say with me: For a dynasty-free India, vote for India, for freedom from corruption, vote for India, for the country's security, vote for India, for poor person's medicine, vote for India, for reforms in education, vote for India, for farmer's welfare, vote for India, for the country's welfare, vote for India. Vande Mataram!"

Narendra Modi

Today once again, we need the Lotus to give Roti in the homes of the poor:

UPA forgot celebration of 1857 because they feared that if people know of 1857, they will stop glorifying the Congress:

Rajnath Singh

Seeing the sight here, I can say Western UP has decided that they want Congress to leave Delhi and want BJP to form Government: Rajnath ji

We have decided who will lead us but has the Congress decided who will be their leader:

Shri Rajnath Singh is talking about the prosperity for the minority community in Gujarat under @narendramodi.

Riots happened in 1984 and if someone is guilty and must apologise for it, it is the Congress Party:

We see everyone as equal. We feel if any section of society is left out, we can not create the India of our dreams.

You are seeing the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. Hands of criminals are being strengthened, women are not safe:

If there is someone responsible for the violence if Muzaffarnagar it is the SP government:

When BJP forms the government and Modi ji becomes we will take all steps for welfare of our farmers:

Khushwant Singh - Biography

Date of Birth  15 February 1915

He was educated at Modern School, New Delhi, Government College, Lahore, St. Stephen's College in Delhi and King's College London, before reading for the Bar at the Inner Temple. Singh became an accomplished journalist.

He became editor of  Yojana,an Indian government journal. He later edited two major Indian newspapers, The National Herald and the Hindustan Times He became editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India, a newsweekly;  During his tenure, The Illustrated Weekly became India's pre-eminent newsweekly, with its circulation raising from 65,000 to 400000. After nine years, on 25 July 1978, a week before he was to retire, the management asked Singh to leave "with immediate effect". The new editor took charge the same day. After Singh's departure, the weekly suffered a huge drop in readership.

From 1980 through 1986, Singh was a member of Rajya Sabha.  He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1974  In 1984, he returned the award in protest against operation Bluestar the siege of the Golden Temple by the Indian Army. In 2007, the Indian government awarded Khushwant Singh the Padma Vibhushan.

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Anna Hazare - RTI Act Agitation

Right to Information movement and Anna Hazare

Dec 8, 2004
Noted social crusader Anna Hazare warned that he would start an agitation, along with other prominent citizens in the country, if the Union government failed to enact the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Hazare was speaking at the inauguration of an interaction on the usage of RTI, organised by 'Hum Janenge', a citizens' movement to right to information, at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Maharashtra RTI Act 2000. President Signature 2003

Hazare started a movement in Maharashtra state demanding enactment of Right to Information Act.

He believed that citizens have the right to know where the public money is being spent. He pressed for legislating an Act for Right to Information.

He  struggled  a lot to force government to pass this law.  The first campaign started at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai in 1997. Followed by statewide tours that were held to aware general public about their rights. Public addresses were organized, posters, banners and folders were distributed all these resulted in the awakening of the citizens. Hazare went on a fast-unto-death on August 9, 2003. On the 12th day of his fast, the Bill was signed by the President of India and Government of Maharashtra enacted the Maharashtra Right to Information Act in Maharashtra. This Act  has enabled the common man to seek information by just paying a nominal charge of Rs. 10 or 20. Maharashtra Right to Information Act is considered as the base document for the Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI), enacted by the Union Government.

Under the Official secrets Act, information was denied to people. So he started the movement for Right to Information. The question to the Government was "Why do you deny information which is not confidential" under the guise of Official Secrets Act? 

UPA - 10 Year Rule - Claimed Achievements and Criticism

Ten years of UPA: The achievements and failures - Rajya Sabha TV
6 Jan 2014


Interview of Jairam Ramesh in Livemint 30 Jan 2014

Top Five Achievements of UPA
1. 7.8% growth rate in 10 year period. Growth deceleration only in last few years.
2. Social agenda deepened with resources generated by growth.
3. Unprecedented resource devolution to states and panchayats.
4. Rights based approach bringing about legal entitlements as opposed to programmes.
5. We defined India's place in the world, India's place in the regional economy and India's place in the world economy.

Communist leaders like Sitaram Yechury warned the Congress before 2009 not to become growth hawks and create social problems. Today, there is very high inflation and deceleration in growth. Congress mismanaged economy to push growth when it should not have done. At that growth helped rich people to become more rich.

Social agenda did not culminate with positive numbers. The misfortune of 60 years of Congress rule is that positive claims are not being done on social welfare.

Rights based approach instead of programme based has probably made government unaccountable. A programme needs benefits which can be evaluated subsequently. A rights based approach results in a crisis situation wherein people in positions are responding to comply with the law.
NREGA - MGNREGA - India - Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and Projects

Six achievements of the UPA 2 By Sunil Rajguru
Jan 14, 2014

India's success story under the UPA
Jan 13,2014
Priyanka Chaturvedi is a blogger, columnist and is on the panel of spokespersons of the All India Congress Committee.

Failing to build on success
January 6, 2014

Failures and successes of four years of UPA-II
ET Bureau May 23, 2013,

BJP Mission 272+ - Tamil Nadu Target and Campaign Activities

BJP Mission 272+ - Tamil Nadu Target 5 Seats and Campaign Activities

State-wise  BJP Mission 272+ (Plus)  Seat Targets

Andhra Pradesh(5) - Arunachal Pradesh (1) - Assam (5) - Bihar (30) - Chattisgarh (10) - Delhi (5)
Goa (2) - Gujarat (26) - Haryana (5) -  Himachal Pradesh (4) - Jammu and Kashmir (2) - Jharkhand (10)   Karnataka (20) - Kerala (1) - Madhya Pradesh (25) - Maharashtra (20) - Manipur - Orissa (3)
Punjab (3) - Rajasthan (25) - Tamil Nadu (5) - Tripura - Uttara Khand (5) Uttara Pradesh (55)
West Bengal (5)      Total:  272

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Chandigarh (1) - Daman and Diu (1) - Puducherry

Visit BJP Election Performance from 1998 - 2009 and Best Performance in each state  - The total of the best comes to 239 seats.

BJP Tamilnadu 2014 Lok Sabha Election Campaign Activities


2 Feb
DMDK chief h­as agreed informally to join BJP alliance. But Captain wants 14 seats (out of total 40 in TN and Puducherry).  Things will take final shape after the Ulundurpet conference of DMDK on February 2.

January 2014

21 January 2014
CNN-IBN Survey Results
BJP vote share is impressive 16%.

17 January 2014
Results a poll by Kumudan BJP - 18%, PMK 5%, MDMK 2%, DMDK 7%

14 January 2014
BJP party senior are very active with conducting training sessions, holding meetings and conducting door-to-door campaigns.

19 January dated Issue of Junior Vikatan
BJP alliance to get 40% vote in Tamilnadu


3 January
In a bid to make Modi a household name, the BJP cadre in Karaikal launched ‘Modi in every household and Lotus in every heart’ campaign on Friday (3rd January 2014)..

1 January 2014
BJP to have alliances with PMK and MDMK.
Also, a conglomeration of regional alliance from western and southern Tamil Nadu — which includes Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam and Thevar Paervai — has already expressed its desire to join the BJP.

25 November 2013
Tamil Nadu BJP is undertaking pada yatra of  12,000 gram panchayats in the state. There are 12,618 panchayats in the state. The tour will take place between 1 December to 22 December 2013.

18 October 2013

Narendra  Modi travelled to Chennai on 18th October 2013 to deliver the memorial lecture on “India and the World” organised by the Palkhiwala foundation. He was warmly greeted by lot of supporters and party workers at the airport.
“Let us work together for a bold India and a better world, a harmonious neighbourhood and a happier world, a strong Asia and a safer world,” and added that he is sure this can happen. Shri Narendra Modi called for reviving the diplomatic legacy of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee of safe, confident and productive engagement with the world.

30 September 2013
A recent survey by Tamil magazine Junior Vikatan indicated that a clear majority (53%) of Tamil Nadu voters felt Modi was best suited to be PM, with chief minister Jayalalithaa, Rahul Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh trailing far behind. It published the findings in a cover story titled “Shock result!”

26 September  - Modi addressed Youth rally at Trichy.


CONSTITUENCY : 35 . Ramanathapuram ( Total Electors 1133391 )
3 THIRUNNAVUKKARASAR. SU M 60 GEN BJP 127994 328 128322 11.32 16.50 (3)

CONSTITUENCY : 39 . Kanniyakumari ( Total Electors 1178047 )
1 RADHAKRISHNAN P M 55 GEN BJP 254324 150 254474 21.60 33.24 (2)
4 HELEN DAVIDSON J F 37 GEN DMK 319968 193 320161 27.18 41.81

2004 Elections

Madras North

PMK  SENTHIL, DR. R. 397540

INC PRABHU R. 494121


CPM  BELLARMIN. A. V. 410091

BJP Mission 272+ - Odisha (Orissa) Target and Campaign Activities

BJP Mission 272+ - Orissa Target 3 seats  and Campaign Activities

State-wise  BJP Mission 272+ (Plus)  Seat Targets

Andhra Pradesh(5) - Arunachal Pradesh (1) - Assam (5) - Bihar (30) - Chattisgarh (10) - Delhi (5)
Goa (2) - Gujarat (26) - Haryana (5) -  Himachal Pradesh (4) - Jammu and Kashmir (2) - Jharkhand (10)   Karnataka (20) - Kerala (1) - Madhya Pradesh (25) - Maharashtra (20) - Manipur - Orissa (3)
Punjab (3) - Rajasthan (25) - Tamil Nadu (5) - Tripura - Uttara Khand (5) Uttara Pradesh (55)
West Bengal (5)      Total:  272

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Chandigarh (1) - Daman and Diu (1) - Puducherry

Visit BJP Election Performance from 1998 - 2009 and Best Performance in each state  - The total of the best comes to 239 seats.

February 2014
11 February 2014 - Narendra Modi's Rally in Bhubaneshwar

January 2014

29 Jan
BJP Chalking  Out Plans Before Modi Rally.
National BJP general secretary (organisation) Ram Lal on Tuesday asked the State leaders of the party to intensify the public contact programme and reach every household before February 11 rally of party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi

24 Jan

BJYM Odisha will organize a state conference on 23rd January 2014.

20 Jan
CNN-IBN survey 25% vote share - 0 to 4 seats projected

Former BJP MP and present Utkal Bharat Chief MA Kharvel Swain may come back to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) very soon.

7 January
Orissa State BJP spokesperson Sajjan Sharma said that the BJD government in the state has failed miserably to check the growing migration of people outside the state in search of work The state has failed to provide job under MNREGS.

5 January
BJP Odisha unit said The BJP under the national leadership of Narendra Modi will contest the polls on the two planks of anti corruption and development.

4 January 2014 -  Preparatory meeting for Narendra Modi's Rally in Bhubaneshwar
BJP State president Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo, State party in-charge Chandan Mitra, co-in-charge Arun Sigh, BJP national vice-president Jual Oram, national general secretary Dharmendra Pradhan, BJP Assembly floor leader Jaya Narayan Mishra and party MLAs, State office-bearers would attend the preparatory meeting.

1 January 2014

The BJP on Tuesday demanded that the State Government convene an all-party meeting to discuss and resolve the problems being faced by farmers during sale of paddy at the procurement centers (mandis) and the resultant distress sale.  Addressing a news conference here, senior BJP leader and former Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Minister Manmohan Samal slammed the BJD Government for its faulty procurement policy and lack of infrastructure facilities at the “so-called” mandis.

December 2013

27 December 2013
BJP coordinators for 21 Lok Sabha Constituencies
Bimbadhar Kuanr for Baragada; Ganesh Mahaling for Sundargarh; Suresh Pujari Sambalpur; Sukadev Mahanta Keonjhar; Chhotelal Mahanta Mayrubhanj; Manmohan Dutta Baleswar;  Bishnu Sethi Bhadrakh; Sanchita Mohanty Jajpur, Rudranarayan Pani  Dhenkanal, Sukanta Panigrahi Kandhamal, Samir Dey Cuttack, Baidyananth Chaterjee Kendrapada, Baidhar Mallick Jagatsinghpur, Krushna Chandra Jagdev Puri, Samir Mohanty Bhubaneswar, Mahesh Mohanty Aska, Ramachandra Panda Brahmapur and Bijoy Mishra for Koraput.
Sibaji Mohanty and  Pramod Mohapatra are coordinators for  Bolangir, Artatrana Mohapatra and Jadumani Panigrahi for Kalahandi;  Ramesh Sahoo and Gurucharan Moahaty  for  Nabarangpur.

July 2013

16 July 2013 Modi visited Puri Jagannath Temple and also he met Puri Shankaracharya


CONSTITUENCY : 1 . Bargarh ( Total Electors 1320274 )
1 RADHARANI PANDA F 48 GEN BJP 157733 17 157750 11.95 17.15 (3)

CONSTITUENCY : 2 . Sundargarh ( Total Electors 1248955 )
1 JUAL ORAM M 48 ST BJP 267464 966 268430 21.49 35.01
5 HEMANAND BISWAL M 67 ST INC 279522 532 280054 22.42 36.53

CONSTITUENCY : 3 . Sambalpur ( Total Electors 1233251 )
1 AMARNATH PRADHAN M 51 GEN INC 304839 51 304890 24.72 38.09
2 GOBINDA RAM AGARWAL M 59 GEN BSP 16837 1 16838 1.37 2.10
3 ROHIT PUJARI M 35 GEN BJD 289908 108 290016 23.52 36.23
4 SURENDRA LATH M 59 GEN BJP 150839 71 150910 12.24 18.85

CONSTITUENCY : 4 . Keonjhar ( Total Electors 1265225 )
1 ANANTA NAYAK M 39 ST BJP 163730 293 164023 12.96 18.39
2 DHANURJAYA SIDU M 43 ST INC 262476 144 262620 20.76 29.45
3 YASHBANT NARAYAN SINGH LAGURI M 38 ST BJD 388974 130 389104 30.75 43.63

CONSTITUENCY : 5 . Mayurbhanj ( Total Electors 1173650 )

2 DROUPADI MURMU F 50 ST BJP 149988 839 150827 12.85 18.29
3 LAXMAN TUDU M 47 ST BJD 256125 523 256648 21.87 31.12
4 LAXMAN MAJHI M 62 ST INC 140500 270 140770 11.99 17.07
5 SUDAM MARNDI M 43 ST JMM 190238 232 190470 16.23 23.09

STITUENCY : 6 . Balasore ( Total Electors 1269342 )

2 ARUN DEY M 63 GEN NCP 274913 75 274988 21.66 30.82
3 MAHAMEGHA BAHAN AIRA KHARABELA SWAIN M 55 GEN BJP 219731 177 219908 17.32 24.65
5 SRIKANT KUMAR JENA M 58 GEN INC 313808 80 313888 24.73 35.18

CONSTITUENCY : 7 . Bhadrak ( Total Electors 1372356 )
1 ANANTA PRASAD SETHI M 58 SC INC 361740 130 361870 26.37 38.95
2 ARJUN CHARAN SETHI M 68 SC BJD 416606 202 416808 30.37 44.86
4 RATHA DAS M 54 SC BJP 122396 35 122431 8.92 13.18

CONSTITUENCY : 9 . Dhenkanal ( Total Electors 1283608 )
1 KRISHNA CHANDRA SAHOO M 48 GEN BSP 19301 2 19303 1.50 2.25
M 60 GEN INC 211964 17 211981 16.51 24.75
3 TATHAGATA SATPATHY M 53 GEN BJD 398534 34 398568 31.05 46.53
4 RUDRANARAYAN PANY M 49 GEN BJP 208260 36 208296 16.23 24.32

CONSTITUENCY : 10 . Bolangir ( Total Electors 1443484 )
1 KALIKESH NARAYAN SINGH DEO M 34 GEN BJD 430097 53 430150 29.80 42.50
2 NARASINGHA MISHRA M 68 GEN INC 339244 71 339315 23.51 33.53
4 SANGEETA KUMARI SINGH DEO F 47 GEN BJP 191667 72 191739 13.28 18.95

CONSTITUENCY : 11 . Kalahandi ( Total Electors 1421959 )
1 NAKULA MAJHI M 66 GEN BSP 40155 12 40167 2.82 4.11
2 BIKRAM KESHARI DEO M 57 GEN BJP 221221 630 221851 15.60 22.68
3 BHAKTA CHARAN DAS M 52 GEN INC 400478 1258 401736 28.25 41.06
4 SUBASH CHANDRA NAYAK M 62 GEN BJD 247510 189 247699 17.42 25.32

CONSTITUENCY : 12 . Nabarangpur ( Total Electors 1215653 )

2 DOMBURU MAJHI M 68 ST BJD 278303 27 278330 22.90 35.15
3 PARSURAM MAJHI M 49 ST BJP 156722 62 156784 12.90 19.80
4 PRADEEP KUMAR MAJHI M 33 ST INC 308265 42 308307 25.36 38.93

CONSTITUENCY : 13 . Kandhamal ( Total Electors 1065279 )
1 ASHOK SAHU M 57 GEN BJP 146892 128 147020 13.80 20.77
2 PAULA BALIARSING M 52 GEN BSP 6761 0 6761 0.63 0.96
3 RUDRAMADHAB RAY M 71 GEN BJD 315206 108 315314 29.60 44.55
4 SUZIT KUMAR PADHI M 49 GEN INC 164231 76 164307 15.42 23.22

CONSTITUENCY : 17 . Puri ( Total Electors 1322817 )
1 JITENDRA KUMAR SAHOO M 35 GEN BSP 9211 0 9211 0.70 1.01
M 59 GEN INC 225602 54 225656 17.06 24.79
3 PINAKI MISRA M 49 GEN BJD 436795 166 436961 33.03 48.01
4 BRAJA KISHORE TRIPATHY M 62 GEN BJP 209149 138 209287 15.82 22.99

CONSTITUENCY : 21 . Koraput ( Total Electors 1217768 )
1 UPENDRA MAJHI M 29 ST BJP 111673 17 111690 9.17 14.70
2 GIRIDHAR GAMANG M 56 ST INC 216406 10 216416 17.77 28.49
3 JAYARAM PANGI M 53 ST BJD 312746 30 312776 25.68 41.18

2004 Elections



BJP Mission 272+ - Kerala Target and Campaign Activities

BJP Mission 272+ - Kerala Target: 1 Seat and Campaign Activities

State-wise  BJP Mission 272+ (Plus)  Seat Targets

Andhra Pradesh(5) - Arunachal Pradesh (1) - Assam (5) - Bihar (30) - Chattisgarh (10) - Delhi (5)
Goa (2) - Gujarat (26) - Haryana (5) -  Himachal Pradesh (4) - Jammu and Kashmir (2) - Jharkhand (10)   Karnataka (20) - Kerala (1) - Madhya Pradesh (25) - Maharashtra (20) - Manipur - Orissa (3)
Punjab (3) - Rajasthan (25) - Tamil Nadu (5) - Tripura - Uttara Khand (5) Uttara Pradesh (55)
West Bengal (5)      Total:  272

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Chandigarh (1) - Daman and Diu (1) - Puducherry

Can Kerala give one MP seat this time to BJP?

9 February
Narendra Modi participating in Church Function in Kottayam

Modi is coming to Kochi to take part in the centenary celebrations of the Lake Agitation, organized by Kerala Pulayar Maha Sabha.
Modi will speak at a public meeting in Kochi organised by Kerala Pulayar Mahasabha (KPMS), the oufit of one Kerala's leading Scheduled Caste communities.

Public speech in Thiruvanantapuram
Workers of 21,000 polling booths will attend the rally

1 February
SNDP makes political plans clear

28 Jan
Rajagopal willing to contest from Thiruvanantapuram

27 Janaury
NaMo Kerala Hopes To Turn The Table For BJP With Support From Social Media And Youth

17 January 2014
Syrian Christian Church Leaders approve Narendra Modi

12 January 2014
The BJP will contest in all 20 parliamentary seats and  field its top leaders in the State, including O. Rajagopal and C.K. Padmanabhan, in the coming Lok Sabha elections, said. BJP State president V. Muraleedharan.

29 December 2013
Vellapally Natesan, leader of the Ezhava community, Sree Narayana Dharmaparipalana Yogam (SNDP) of Kerala, on 29 December 2013, Sunday backed BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

28 December
Brand Namo T-shirts a hit in Kerala

26 September 2013

On Thursday 26th September 2013 Shri Narendra Modi attended the 60th birthday celebrations of Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in Amritapuri, Kerala.

Shri Narendra Modi offers prayers at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivadrum, Kerala and visits royal family.

April 2013
In April, Modi made his Kerala foray, attending a function at Sivagiri Mutt


CONSTITUENCY : 1 . Kasaragod ( Total Electors 1113892 )
4 K. SURENDRAN M 37 GEN BJP 125366 116 125482 11.27 14.81