Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mumbai Municipal Corporation Budget 2014-15

The total size of the budget estimates for 2014-15 is Rs 31,178 crore which is 27.72 percent higher than last year’s budget of Rs 27,578 crore.


This year, the BMC plans to spend Rs27,578 crore. This comes to per capital expenditure of Rs. 22,101.3 using 1.2478 crores as populations (2011 census)

MCGM Budget Documents

BMC spares Mumbai from fresh taxes in its Budget for 2013-14

Implications of the MCGM Budget 2013-14 for Mumbaikars

Discussion on Mumbai Budget 2013-14 on TV9

Water supply of Greater Mumbai

Per Capita Income Mumbai

Mumbai's Per Capita Income for 2009-2010 stands at Rs 1.25 lakh
Mumbai's Per Capita Income for 2010-2011 stands at Rs 1.41 lakh

Population of Greater Mumbai

2011 - 1,24,78,447
Mumbai population from 1901 to 2001

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