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UPA - 10 Year Rule - Claimed Achievements and Criticism

Ten years of UPA: The achievements and failures - Rajya Sabha TV
6 Jan 2014


Interview of Jairam Ramesh in Livemint 30 Jan 2014

Top Five Achievements of UPA
1. 7.8% growth rate in 10 year period. Growth deceleration only in last few years.
2. Social agenda deepened with resources generated by growth.
3. Unprecedented resource devolution to states and panchayats.
4. Rights based approach bringing about legal entitlements as opposed to programmes.
5. We defined India's place in the world, India's place in the regional economy and India's place in the world economy.

Communist leaders like Sitaram Yechury warned the Congress before 2009 not to become growth hawks and create social problems. Today, there is very high inflation and deceleration in growth. Congress mismanaged economy to push growth when it should not have done. At that growth helped rich people to become more rich.

Social agenda did not culminate with positive numbers. The misfortune of 60 years of Congress rule is that positive claims are not being done on social welfare.

Rights based approach instead of programme based has probably made government unaccountable. A programme needs benefits which can be evaluated subsequently. A rights based approach results in a crisis situation wherein people in positions are responding to comply with the law.
NREGA - MGNREGA - India - Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and Projects

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Jan 14, 2014

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Jan 13,2014
Priyanka Chaturvedi is a blogger, columnist and is on the panel of spokespersons of the All India Congress Committee.

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January 6, 2014

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ET Bureau May 23, 2013,

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