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Narendra Modi - Meerut Rally - 2 January 2014



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"When I was coming on the helicopter here and looked down, it seemed as if there is a saffron sea  and  people were coming and coming.

After the Gorakhpur rally, I came to know that many reached the place at 9 pm and they were angry.  Even today,  I feel a lot many will be unable to reach on time today too. I apologise to them beforehand.

This land of Meerut is the land that inspired the 1857 war of independence. In that war, the message was communicated through  lotus and roti.

Brother and sisters, it has been over 150 years since the 1857 war of independence. Again, in 2014, for roti in the poor man's house, the lotus is ready to be used. .

150 years of the 1857 war of independence was celebrated in 2007. But the Indian government did not do it appropriately to make the youth aware about the struggle. A small function was done in Meerut.

The country did not even get to know the brave people who died for the country's independence. The UPA government ignored the occasion.

Why did they do it? Because if people of the country realize the  saga of 1857, they will not believe the saga of the Congress anymore. They do not acknowledge the sacrifice of other people. Is this not an insult to the great martyrs, an insult to the 1857 war of independence?

I have a direct relation to Meerut. It was the 'karm bhoomi' of Gujarat's son Swami Dayanand Saraswati. There is not a person here who does not respect Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

Population is increased in Meerut. The way population is increasing in Meerut, I hear its name in the list of the fast growing cities in India. Population may be growing but there is no development of the place.

This entire western UP, on which UP depends for development, is not getting the attention. If this is the situation in western UP, you can imagine the damage being done to other parts of the state.

Do you get electricity for 24 hours? Do you get electricity to run the fan when your mother is unwell? When your son has to study, is there electricity? They have not been able to give you regular power till now. After some years, will they be able to give anything? Power cuts are not news in UP, coming of power is. In trains and buses, people discuss: 'Brother, did it come? The other says: 'No, last week it did not come. Another said: 'It comes once in a while in the evening'.

When we tell people that Gujarat gets electricity for 24 hours and for 365 days, they ask: 'How many days a week? When I tell them that electricity comes from 365 days, they find it hard to believe.

the British were angry with Meerut and they considered Meerut as an enemy. They developed rail network across the nation but were not willing to give facilities to this region. But what about the present government that Meerut has been denied proper railway network, and airport, ?

Atal-ji saw the dream of the highway in 1999. But due to the Congress government and the BSP-SP fight, there has been no development.

If you see the condition of the sugarcane farmers here, one feels bad. They can't even earn enough for food. Mills are not getting cane and mills are not working.

One wishes that had Chaudhary Charan Singh was there, Mahendra Singh Tikait was there, they could have done something for the farmers.

The country was fortunate to have Chaudhary Charan Singh as Prime Minister. But people who claim to be followers of  Ram Manohar Lohia are not bothered about sugarcane farmers.

In Gujarat, when the cane crop is ready on Vijaya Dashmi, the mills start working from that day and the farmers get their money.

What is the reason that the UP government is not intervening to raise sugarcane productivity? In Gujarat, farmers have been able to use many tricks and techniques double the productivity. Gujarat has supported cooperatives and farmers run sugar mills as owners.

We can open a path to the welfare of farmers across the country.

What is the law and order situation in UP? It is as if the names of the parties have to be changed. Samajwadi Party has to be called  Samajvirodhi (anti-social) Party.

Do you think your sisters and daughters are safe under SP rule? Sisters and mothers are scared of coming out of houses. Mulayamji, Bhai Akhilesh, politics is OK but please protect the women of the state. If you want to compete with Modi, do it by improving law and order, by the welfare of farmers. But they won't do it.

If hooliganism keeps growing like this, if criminals are given a place in the government, imagine what will be the condition of the people.

A poet from Meerut once said that the nature of Ahmedabad and Meerut are similar. Our Meerut too is an expert in creating riots like Ahmedabad, he said. There were frequent riots in Ahmedabad 10 years ago. There were knifing incidents. But people decided to take up the path of development. And today, the city is riot-free.

Do we need to make Meerut riot-free, UP riot-free? The BJP believes in peace and harmony. We will make UP riot-free. This we promise you.

Brother and sisters, in UP, there is a lot of concern about women's security. In the last one year, one lakh cases of molestation have been reported.

Sugar mill owners are happy, the government is corrupt and the farmer is crushed.

Two days ago, Netaji gave a lecture. He said UP's welfare budget was bigger than Gujarat's entire budget. Sometimes, politicians accidentally speak the truth. But I want to ask him: Despite having a lower budget, people are prospering in Gujarat, but in your state, despite bigger budget, people are unhappy. Where did the money go? The pockets of politicians are getting heavier. Every paisa belonging to the people should be accounted for.

If you bring us to power in Delhi, I will not allow any hand to fall on the exchequer. Do you want to face the hardships your elders faced?

I do not understand: A youth looks for recommendation before going for a job interview. Can you think of  getting a job without paying money? Then what is the point of interview? This is the root of corruption.
We did an experiment in Gujarat. We asked the youth to upload their qualifications on the computer and asked the computer to make a list of 13,000 meritorious students. And they got the job sitting at home. There was not a single paisa of corruption. If we want to end corruption we can think of various ways.

I want to go to the Saraswati Vidya Mandir. Children from the northeastern states are taught here. On one side, children from far-off villages and forests are being taught here, and in Delhi, under the nose of Madam Sonia Gandhi, a boy from Arunachal is murdered. I want to tell people of the country: Go to Arunachal and you will be proud. People of Arunachal keep fighting China, people in Arunachal say Jai Hind to each other when they meet. A boy from the state is killed and our heads hang in shame. We should see Delhi as a global city. But with the kind of language being spoken, the country's head hangs in shame.

Some days ago, women from Uganda were mistreated, girls from Manipur were harassed and a boy from Arunachal was killed. The country's head hangs in shame. When we hear students from northeast do not get houses on rent in big cities, it is the need of the time that there should be hostels for children from the northeast in big cities. But the government in Delhi is not bothered about these things.

The Congress has a new tune. When the country asks questions on important issues, they answer on something else. When asked why farmers are committing suicide, Sonia-ji said people are sowing poison.
In the Congress' Jaipur session, Rahul-ji said that he went to mummy's room early in the morning and mummy told him that power is poison.

Tell me, who has been in power the longest? If power is poison, who has tasted poison the most? Whose stomach is filled with poison? Who is spewing poison? Who is sowing poison? The Congress is a divisive party.

I give you an example. Vajpayeeji made Uttarakhand. In both UP and Uttarakhand sweets were distributed. We sowed love. Vajpayeeji made Jharkhand. In  both Bihar and Jharkhand sweets were distributed. Because we sowed love. We made Chhattisgarh, and in  MP and Chhattisgarh were distributed sweets. We sowed love.

But they made Telangana and sowed poison. There are riots in Seemandhra and unrest in Telangana. Enough of sowing poison.

All of you say with me: For a dynasty-free India, vote for India, for freedom from corruption, vote for India, for the country's security, vote for India, for poor person's medicine, vote for India, for reforms in education, vote for India, for farmer's welfare, vote for India, for the country's welfare, vote for India. Vande Mataram!"

Narendra Modi

Today once again, we need the Lotus to give Roti in the homes of the poor:

UPA forgot celebration of 1857 because they feared that if people know of 1857, they will stop glorifying the Congress:

Rajnath Singh

Seeing the sight here, I can say Western UP has decided that they want Congress to leave Delhi and want BJP to form Government: Rajnath ji

We have decided who will lead us but has the Congress decided who will be their leader:

Shri Rajnath Singh is talking about the prosperity for the minority community in Gujarat under @narendramodi.

Riots happened in 1984 and if someone is guilty and must apologise for it, it is the Congress Party:

We see everyone as equal. We feel if any section of society is left out, we can not create the India of our dreams.

You are seeing the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. Hands of criminals are being strengthened, women are not safe:

If there is someone responsible for the violence if Muzaffarnagar it is the SP government:

When BJP forms the government and Modi ji becomes we will take all steps for welfare of our farmers:

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