Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sirsa - District of Haryana State

The district headquarters  is Sirsa town. It is 255 km from Delhi and 280 km from Chandigarh.  Dabwali, Ellenabad, Rori and Rania are other towns. The district lies between 29 14 and 30 0 north latitude and 74 29 and 75 18 east longitudes. It is in the extreme west corner of Haryana. The neibouring districts  are Faridkot and Bhatinda of Punjab in the north and north east, district Ganganagar of Rajasthan in the west and south and Hissar district in the east.

Sirsa district is divided into 3 sub-divisions and 4 tehsils.

Census 2001 Population: 11,16,649

There are a total of 323 villages in the district out of which 313 are connected with paved roads.
I came across the news item that all 334 villages in Sirsa were provided with solar lights[2012]. (334 villages figures needs to be checked).

Haryana Renewable Energy Department (HRED) has spent Rs.12.65 crore to install 5000 solar lights. 30% of the project cost(Rs. 3.80 cr) was provided by Central government. The remaining was spent by beneficiaries and the State Government.

About 79% of the population lives in the rural areas. Sirsa gets an annual rainfall of about 26 cm. The area under cultivation is 3,88,000 hectares out of which 3,06,000 is irrigated. The district excels in the production of cotton and citrus fruit.

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