Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rig Veda Hymns - MP3 Format - Astrojyoti

Listen  to the Rigveda. Read Rigveda. Read its English translation.
Inform more people. Let all people interested in Vedas listen and read Vedas.

Part 2 in MP3 starts from page 14 and line 6 of Part 1 Pdf (Mandala 1 pdf)

Part 3 in MP3

Part 5 in MP3
 The links are working to take you to the Astrojyoti site.

Mandala 2 Rigveda - PDF file in Deva Nagari script

The Rigveda is in number of parts. All the parts can be accessed from

Pdf files of Rigveda are available in

Links will be assembled in this collection shortly.

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