Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thoughts on Quotes by Swami Chinmayananda - 3 - March

1. To accomplish very difficut tasks on earth you need to have faith in your ability to complete the task and in God's support for all good deeds. You can't leave the task to God. Blind faith in goodness of God is impotent. Lack of faith in God and society also will not help. Have faith that God and Society support good deeds with do them with honest and sincere efforts.
2. Action is everything we think and do. What you think is also action and it will have an effect. Don't allow bad thoughts to germinate in your brain and mind.
3. Your thoughts determine the quality of your action. Your thoughts depend on your understanding. Think and wish good things for others. Good actions follow.
Source for Original Quotations
Evergreen Messages; Quotes by Swami Chinmayananda, Revised Edition, Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, May 2010 (5,000 copies)
Total copies printed so far from November 1995 - 45,000
Original knol - 4008

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