Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Nano -Vanguard of Global Indian Engineering

Ratan Tata, by initiating and leading the Nano project to success has taken Indian Engineering expertise to global market.

Tata Nano was designed and developed to a very large extent in India with Indian engineering talent.

The statement made by Pawan Goenka that Indian engineering which delivered an automobile at $2500 can certainly deliver one at $10,000 was taken serious note by global analysts of Automotive industry. Tatas now have the potential to build value cars for the developed markets.  It is a question of time that they will convert the potential into a developed model that will be given for marketing testing.

Already, a report on global industry came out with a prophesy in two of four scenarios, Tata products are likely to succeed in global markets and post threat to current global automotive giants.

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