Wednesday, July 2, 2014

India GDP

Tue, May 31 2016.
Q4  (2015-16)  GDP at 7.9%: India in midst of consumption-led recovery

Provisional Estimate

104,72,807 crores - One hundred and 4 lakh eight hundred and seven crores  - Above one hundred and four lakh crores.

Agriculture and allied activities - 19,06,348 crores - above 19 lakh crores
Industry - 25,94,172 crores  - appx 26 lakh crores.

It would be interesting to agri input industry contribution and agri-out put processing industry contribution. Because that will speak of the total contribution to GDP of agriculture.

Similarly in services also agriculture input services and services related to outputs related to agriculture products needs to be identified. 

Updated 31 May 2016,  2 July 2014

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