Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Comment on Bye Elections in August 2014 - BJP has to strengthen its party, leaders and members

The verdict in the bye elections is 10 for other parties and 8 for BJP.

Some political leaders said Modi wave is not working any more and people are losing faith in Modi government.

Yes the elections give hope to other parties in the coming assembly elections.

What is the reason for the result? My conclusion is that BJP as a party is still a weak party. Many of its leaders are not real local leaders. They believe in the miracles done by some higher ups including RSS leaders. The members are also weak persons. The big win is Lok Sabha is made possible by a big effort by many non-BJP volunteers who pitched in their best efforts. RSS also was very active during Lok Sabha elections. In the bye elections no such extra efforts will be made. Hence, the basic strength of the party workers is tested and the fact is out. BJP party cadre is still weak.

But in the coming assembly elections of Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Bihar, the volunteer support is likely to get back into full gear. This is due to various reasons many of them being emotional. In all the three states if BJP can win a majority it will be the first time such win. That can pull a big volunteer support.

So political leaders and press commentators cannot writeoff BJP's upswing so quickly. But Amit Shah has his hands full with planning, organizing and marshalling the volunteer force along with the party cadres.

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