Monday, September 7, 2015

Indian Stock Market Analysis - 2015

7 Sep 2015
Bear market in India can be prolonged

5 September 2015
Marc Faber is right. Indian stock market heading for 24,000.

March 2015

Marc Faber predicts that Indian stock market may correct this year by 10 to 20%.

He say it is ridiculous if any body says market won't go down.

He says, Oil prices have gone down, many commodity prices have gone down, real estate prices have gone down. Even equity has to go down by 40% to be assessed as reasonably valued.

My comment: In India, presently there negative sentiment in the stock market. Market has gone down and some more negative news is being published in media.

As markets touched 30,000 mark, 20% means a limit of 24,000.
Market closed on 25 March 2015 at 28,111.83

Updated 5 Sep 2015
First published on  25 March 2015,

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