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Sankhya Darshan

NPTEL - The Samkhya Philosophy


Samkhya and Yoga darshans
September 23, 2009
Samkhya system is supposed to be given by sage Kapil (6th century BC) in his Samkhya-pravachana-sutram consisting of 527 aphorisms in six chapters. Most celebrated works of Samkhya are Samkhya-karika (seventy verses) of Ishwar Krishna (3rd century AD) and commentary on it by Vachaspati Misra (850 AD) The Tattvakaumudi.

Vivekananda -  practical vedanta and other lectures  - a study of the sankhya philosophy

If we ask the Sankhya the question, "Who created nature?" — the anwer is that the Purusha and the Prakriti are uncreate and omnipresent, and that of this Purusha there is an infinite number. Our first objection is, how can there be these two infinites? Based on that objection, accordign to Vedantins,  Sankhya is not a perfect generalization. It does not offer a perfect solution. Vedantists groped out of all these difficulties and reached a perfect solution. But  the glory really belongs to the Sankhya. Vedantists only gave a finishing touch to a building which was already constructed.

Peter Charles Basel
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
Master of Arts degree in Asian Civilizations
in the Graduate College of The University of Iowa
July 2012
Thesis Supervisor: Professor Frederick M. Smith

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