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Essay Writing Competition - Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday - 2010

5 September
Teacher's Day - Birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
2nd October


About The Knol Writing Competition

Announced in Year 2010

An essay writing (knol writing) event is being organized on the occasion of Teachers' Day and Gandhiji's birth day. The main themes are "The Role of Teaching and Teachers in the Learning Process" and "Gandhian Thought." 
Some Suggested Topics
(Any other relevant topic appropriate to the theme can be selected by authors)

The Role of Teaching and Teachers in the Learning Process

1. Definition of Learning and Teaching.
2. Innovations in Teaching based on Research on Learning and Teaching.
3. Role of My Teachers in My Learning and Development.
4. Role of Research in Teaching in Higher Education Institutes and Resources and Constraints.
5. Effective Teaching Method: The Current Paradigm and Suggestions for New Paradigms.
6. Indian and Greek Philosophy: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's Interpretation.
7. Blog and Online Article Writing by Teachers to Support Classroom Teaching.
8. Tuition Classes and Institutes: Utility and Unwanted and Unintended Consequences.

Gandhian Thought

1. Gandhian Thought on Economic systems
2. Gandhian Thought on Political Systems.
3. Gandhi on Education.
4. Use of Gandhian Thought by Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King.
5. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on Gandhiji.
6. Gandhian Thought: "Earn like a capitalist, but spend like a socialist."
7. Gandhian Thought in the Present Era.
8. Gandhian Thought and MP's Salaries in India (Sunday Times of 22 August 2010 carried a front page articles on MP's salaries around the world. It said each MP gets a compensation of Rs. 57 lakhs in India. In terms of purchasing power parity an MP is drawing 104 times per capita income).
9. "Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man whom you may have seen, and ask yourself if the step you are contemplating is going to be of use to him. Will he gain anything by it?" (Gandhiji's suggestion to politicians in power)


1. The competition is open to Indian Residents only.
2. The entries are to be written after 14th August.
3. The last date for the entry is 15th October 2010 (Till the entry knol is closed for the further entries on 16th October morning) [Date extended due to request of many. Articles and Essays are under preparation as a part of Shanti Eva Jayate Campaign]
4. The entries have to be in English.
5 The entries in form of knols are to be submitted to the competition knol collection.


Prizes will be given only to Indian Residents.
Three best entries from all the entries submitted will be selected by a panel of judges and each will be given a cash prize of Rs.2000 (Rupees two thousand only). The decision of the panel of judges will be final regarding the best entries. There will be evaluation by registered knol visitors in the interim and panel of judges will take the evaluation by visitors into consideration in finalizing best entries. Only Indian residents will be given prizes and the amount will be given in Rupees only.

Visitors evaluation period: 6th October to 5th November 2010
Evaluation by Panel of judges: 6th November 15 November 2010
Results declaration: Immediately after the panel makes the recommendation.
The competition is guided by:
1. Dr. K.V.S.S.Narayana Rao, Founder Member, Knol Author Foundation
2. Mr. Sajid Khan, Founder Member, Knol Author Foundation
3. Mr. Peter Greenfinch, Founder Member, Knol Author Foundation
4. Randall Kleiert, Founder Member, Knol Author Foundation
5. Dr. T. Prasad,  Member, Knol Author Foundation


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Original Knol - Knol Number 2820

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