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Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis

"Don't think we are not outraged with your malpractices."

Today I travelled from around half a kilometer before the auto stand of Mulund Check Naka on Highway and went up to Vihar Lake. The distance came to be 14.6 km and the fare to Rs. 169.

Two days back, I took an auto from Mulund Check Naka (Maharana Pratap Chowk) to vihar lake. The driver suggested that we will go via Highway. The meter showed 30 kms as the distance. Even the electronic meters are already spoiled by some autodrivers who are habitual offenders. One does not know when one comes across them, uses their service and suffers.

Do we need to milestones on the mumbai roads so that people can compare the distance showed on the milestones and distance shown by the auto and taxi meters?

NITIE to Domestic Air Port 12 Km? 12th August 2010
Protest against irritations (problems) and malpractices of Auto and Taxis Drivers.
Inform them your displeasure.
Don't use them for a day.
"Take some trouble, but protest." (My facebook message. Included in the Mumbai Mirror Article on 10.8.2010)
Reached Office without using Auto/Taxi. Meterjammed successfully. Congratulations Meterjammer.
Send sms to 9223172141  type METER JAM followed by ur city name & YES & send it to 9223172141 e.g METERJAM Mumbai YES

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August and Meterjam

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August campaign supports Meter Jam Day to communicate displeasure of Mumbaikars to all connected with auto and taxi services.

"Don't think we are not outraged with your malpractices. Improve things for the mutual benefit and cooperation and orderly life in society."

Meter Jam Day in Mumbai - 12th August 2010

Recently auto and taxi fares have increased.

One strange phenomenon was noticed by me. The metre readings shown by many autos for the distance travelled by me many days regularly has increased. While in earlier days, it was around 5.0 in many days recently this number has gone up to 5.50 and above. What is the reason? The increase in fares led to more rigging of meters. Any body complaining? Any body listening? Many of the unions of autos and taxis are controlled by political leaders. There is hafta collection from these drivers. The hafta collection from drivers is mentioned by leading persons on big platforms in India. I heard about this from Mr. Gurcharan Das, former CEO, Proctor and Gamble, India when he addressed the students of NITIE, on occasion of Lakhya, an event for executives organized by NITIE Industrial Engineering students every year.

A group of young people have come forward to protest against this present practices in auto and taxi trade.

A call for METER JAM is given. Don't use these vehicles for a day and show your protest.

The call is given vide a web site

The call is also available on facebook and twitter.

Inform your involvement in the protest, inform others, and do not use auto and taxi on 12th August.

      Web Site               Supporters   18,000
 27,500  Mumbai Mirror  11.8.2010
 Facebook  12,982  (10.8.2010)   (5.20 am)
 14,181  (10.8.2010)   (1.29 pm)
 17,447  (11.8.2010)   (9.00 am)
 22,556  (12.8.2010)   (9.45 am)
 Twitter  401 followers (10.8.2010) (5.20 am)
 467               (10.8.2010) (1.55 pm)
 526               (11.8.2010) (9.00 am)-

 -------------------------------  -----------------------------------------------

Facebook Fans of Meterjam

Facebook fans increased to 17,500. Twitter follower number is at 526 only. There are 2 million twitter users in India, an article in Brand Equity today says. For a 2 million twitter Indian users, 526 is a very small number. What is the reason?
Facebook fans increased by 1000 in 8 hours. Good going. Hope many of them will inform many more by word of mouth.

Twitter Followers of Meterjam

Twitter there are many messages. Followers number is increasing  very slowly. 67 in 8 hours. Very slow compared to facebook.
Meterjam - Appeal for Active Participation
Promote the campaign by word of mouth.


Some Twitter Messages on Meterjam Mumbai meterjam support it - my 1000th tweet  knoltweet

Thanking and expecting all mumbaikars to remember 12th August. Meter Jam Day.

Gandhi back in action in India. Don't use the service. Boycott and walk, take the bus even though you have to stand.

I fully support the campaign called meterjam and request all citizens of Mumbai to boycott the use of autos and taxis on Aug 12.

बस की सवारी
मुंबई की बारी
नीती की लड़ाई
बारा अगस्त बारा अगस्त

meterjam   Jammersssss inbox overflowin with responses. wil contact the soon 2b volunteers soon!! 8.8.2010

mehta_khushbu @meterjam gr8 initiative guys..i need to just tell u an uncle after many refusal from auto/cab 2g2 bandra,asked,"dubai chaloge?"
kunja8 My Rickshaw anger was modified into a movement by @meterjam . Follow them and give a sounding reply to Rick guys on 12th Aug

amartyasarkar for more info...I liked the Idea...Now Politicians & Union Leaders will get to know what Public movement is !!
knoltweet    Mumbai meterjam walk on 12 August 2010 
vodkaholic   Was tempted to take a rikshaw as I have stuff to carry plus it's started to rain. But pushed myself to catch the bus.
knoltweet  #meterjam message contiue discussing meterjam. There are return trips also. Don't use auto on return trip.
knoltweet   #meterjam message. Don't get upset with a colleague who came by auto. ask him to travel by bus in return trip.
fatima2504    I did my bit for #meterjam today. Did not take the rick to work and will take a bus back home. Campaign failing does not matter to me

5u5h1th  RT: t3rmin4t0r Support #meterjam, give a friend, a co-worker or even a stranger, a ride back from office. #fb
surely will follow. Any ideas to make more ppl aware who dont use internet or are not aware of it?

Some ideas from me

Let us inform 5 persons in our residential colony every day from now.
Discuss the topic in our buses and trains
Inform 5 persons in our office during breakfast time and lunch time.
Put a notice in office canteen.

Got the reply from   informed 30 people. Good reply.

knoltweet  Meterjam mumbai India गांधीगिरी - बस की सवारी

Thane Auto Problems - Complaints

In Thane RTO helpline numbers for complaints against Autos




Meter Jam Campaign Mentioned in Various Knols

Video Coverage of Meterjam Movement
NDTV 12.8.2010

Blog Posts on Meter Jam Day in Mumbai

News Paper Coverage on Meter Jam Mumbai

Mumbai Mirror has 5 to 6 pages coverage on Meterjam including three or four photos.
Graham Panchayat members showed placards at Borivali Station.
Students showed placards at Malad.
The organizers of meterjam met Home Minister R.R. Patil
Meterjam is a success according to Mumbai Mirror.
City students respond to call for Meter Jam
Hindustan Times
Not just Mumbai, Meter Jam in other cities too
Mumbai grahak Panchayat supports meterjam
Mumbai Mirror

Mumbai Mirror, Page 10
How Meter Jammers Will Commute.
Has my facebook message. "Take some trouble, but protest."

Hindustan Times - 18,000 signed up on the web site
Campaign gathering momentum.

Hindustan Times
12,500 persons have signed up so far for the meterjam day.
Mumbai Mirror


Coverage in Online Line News



NGOs - Declared Support to Meter Jam Campaign

International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC)
Mumbai Grahak Panchayat Declared Support. Chairman, Shirish Deshpande


Statements by Ministers,  Politicians, Administrators, and Auto and Taxi Union Leaders.

Even if 50,000 boycott our business will not be affected. A.L. Quadros, President, Bombay Taximen's Union in

Suggestions to Meter Jam Team

For the next three days, let some volunteers collect complaints against autos and taxis at various railway stations.


Appeal to Knol Authors and Visitors - Participate in Meterjam Day - Support Meter Jam Call

Express your support to the cause by writing comments as well as new knols on the issue.

Popularise it in Social Media


Original knol - 2807

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