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Germany - India Bilateral Relations

Germany - India Bilateral Relations

Germany - India Bilateral Relations





India is in Asia. It is situated to the south of Himalayas.
It covers an area of 32,87,263 sq. km, extending from the snow-covered Himalayan heights to the tropical rain forests of the south.
India is the 7th largest country in the world. It has a distinct geographical entity marked off  by mountains and the sea. Bounded by the Great Himalayas in the north, it stretches southwards and at the Tropic of Cancer,

10 day Indo-German Mela Now In Bangalore (22 June to 1 July)


1000 CEOs various large, medium and small enterprises in Germany and political leaders of Germany will come to India for a conference next year.  (Reference link to be given)

Year of Germany in India was launched on 23rd September 2011
Post in the Germany embassy website
Press release


Industry body CII predicted that the value of trade between India and Germany could double to $30 billion by 2014.
Presently (Yr 2010 ended March) Exports to Germany from India are $5.4 billion and Imports from Germany are $10.3 billion

Germany Year in India

Bilateral relations between India and Germany  complete 60 years in 2011.
Germany would conduct 'Germany Year in India', an year long event. 
"There will be lot of programmes including, exchange of educational programmes, knowledge sharing, discussions on scientific developments and German film festivals as part of event. 
The German government had allocated 13 million Euros for the programme.
After the completion of Germany Year in India, a similar year long event would be conducted in Germany by India.
'Science Express', a  train displaying advancements made by Germany in Science and Technology, would visit important cities across the country informing  the technology that can be offered by Germany and give information to Indian companies regarding investments that can be made in Germany."
He said plans were on to invite noted musician Zubin Mehta for conducting various programmes for the Theatre and Arts festival.

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