Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SAHARANPUR - Parliamentary Constituency - Uttar Pradesh

1952 Ajit Prasad Jain Congress
1957 Ajit Prasad Jain Congress
1962 Thakur Yashpal Singh Independent
1967 Gayyur Ali Independent
1971 Shafkkat Jang Congress
1977 Rasheed Masood Janta Party
1980 Rasheed Masood Janta Party(Charan Singh)
1985 Ch. Yash Pal Singh Congress
1989 Rasheed Masood Janta Dal (V.P. Singh)
1991 Rasheed Masood Janta Dal (V.P. Singh)
1996 Ch. Nakli Singh B.J.P.
1998 Ch. Nakli Singh B.J.P.
1999 Mansoor Ali Khan B.S.P.
2004 Rasheed Masood S.P.
2009 Jagdish Singh Rana B.S.P.   Date of Birth 28 Aug 1954

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