Sunday, April 20, 2014

BJP's Election Expenses - 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

20 April 2014

BJP will submit its election expenses details to election commission at the end of elections.
Each BJP candidate will also submit his election expenses to the election commission.

But some parties are questioning today itself from where BJP is getting the money to conduct its election campaign. They are especially questioning the rallies of Modi all over India.

Hindustan Times in an article published on 13 April 2014 estimated that around 5000 crore is being spent  on advertisement by BJP. The fact remains still that the parties and candidates are not able to reach even educated electorate. A person like me, who takes lot of interest, do not know all the candidates contesting from my constituency. My wife yesterday is asking me who is contesting from the constituency.

Election Expenses Estimate made in the article

15,000 hoardings for three months - average cost 2-3 lakh per month - Rs. 2500 crore.
News paper advertisements for 40 days                                                        500 crore
Magazine advertisements                                                                               150 crores
2000 spots a day on TV - Rs.80,000 per a 30 second spot                          1000 crore
T-20 World Cup                                                                                            150 crore
Online and Radio                                                                                              35 crore


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