Sunday, April 20, 2014

MODI - Man of Development of India or Man of Damage to India

It is interesting to note that Abhishek Singhvi described Modi as Man of Damage to India.

His supporters and party members describe Modi as Man of Development of India.

Will Modi really win this election for BJP and become the prime minister?
The opinion polls are overwhelmingly in favour of BJP and Modi.

Will he work for unity of all Indians as he claims that he worked for the development of all Gujaraties irrespective of religion?

Or there will be more differences and riots between Hindus and Muslims.

No doubt Bharatiya Janata Party came from Bharatiya Janasangh.

Bharatiya Jana Sangh was started by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee of Hindu Maha Sabha and some volunteers of RSS. RSS itself was started by Dr. Hedgewar, who was influenced by Hindu Maha Sabha.

But does the change from Hindu Maha Sabha to Bharatiya Jana Sangh signify anything?

It may signify the change in emphasis from Hindu interests to interest of the entire country and its people.

It is interesting to read the news report recently published in DNA

Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS) had several Muslims as its members and even at top positions. Noted Urdu literati Imdad Sabri represented the BJS in Delhi Metropolitan Council and rose to become its Mayor. Maulana Ikhlaq Hussain Qasmi, a cleric and writer had adorned the post of vice-president of Delhi unit of the BJS. Sheik Abdul Rahman was also vice-president of the BJP unit in Jammu and Kashmir. Anwar Ali Dehelvi was a two-time metropolitan councillor. Begam Khurshid Kidwai had won councillor elections on the BJS ticket from a Muslim dominated Jama Masjid constituency and became deputy mayor. Another Muslim dominated seat in Delhi Kasabpura was also represented by the Jan Sangh member Mohammad Ismael.

When Bharatiya Janata Party was formed, Sikandar Bakht joined it as a founding member.

Only time will answer what shape will India take in the future?

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