Friday, September 4, 2015

Gandhian Socialism

Gandhi said socialism is a popular concept. According to him, it means there should more equality in the society and he is in favour of it. But he is against violence that some people recommend to achieve it.

Gandhiji  said, “Communism of the Russian type, that is communism which is imposed on a people, would be repugnant to India. I believe in non-violent communism…my emphasis on non-violence becomes one of principle. Even if I was assured that we could have independence, by means of violence, I should refuse to have it. It won’t be real independence. I base my faith in God and his justice.”

Gandhian Socialism
Dr. R.C. Gupta

Gandhian Political Economy: Principles, Practice and Policy
By B. N. Ghosh, 2007
Ashgate Publishing Limited
Google Book Link for Book with Preview facility

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