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Hindi is the Largest Spoken Language in the world - Research by Dr. J.P. Nautiyal


Jan 31, 2015

According to DR. J.P. Nautiyal's findings, the number of people speaking Hindi is 1,200 million, while Mandarin is second at 1,050 million. While the world population is 7,02,88,91,239, the total people who know Hindi is 1,20,73,93,250, which means one in six persons in the world knows Hindi.

This work was released by Rajan Kumar, economic advisor, ministry of finance, in a national seminar organised by the finance ministry on World Hindi Day at Lucknow, recently.

Hindi is endearing itself not just to people of India, but all over the world.

Nautiyal's study sheds light on the influence of movies and electronic media, observing that Hindi is the favourite of Indian cinema. It is the preferred language of the advertising world on electronic media.

Nautiyal emphasises that the grammatical structure and syntax of Urdu is identical as that of Hindi and as a spoken language both are same. We can also confirm it by listening to any Urdu speech. we can understand the speech as we know Hindi.

The data regarding Hindi speakers  by International organizations and  websites is based on people using Khadi boli (Hindi) only. People speaking the associate languages of Hindi, such as Rajasthani, Awadhi, Braj, Bihari, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Hariyanavi etc, are not counted as Hindi. Therefore, the data pertaining to those conversant with Hindi is shown as just 500 million. According to linguistically all these languages have to be counted as Hindi only,  the number of people conversant with Hindi is to be stated as 1,200 million.

According to his data, 50% of the Karnataka population speak Hindi. The penetration of Hindi in Tamil Nadu and Nagaland is also good at 20%. Overall, 78% of the population in India speak Hindi. In rest of the world  4.45% people speak Hindi. Globally, 17.17% of the population speaks Hindi.

Outside India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal top in speaking Hindi. This research finding and interpretation is very important as once it is accepted, there will be more interest to learn Hindi globally as language of commerce. Hindi promotion efforts in India by Government also will get boost.

The idea that Hindi is the world's largest spoken language was put forward by Dr. Nautiyal long back. He wrote a detailed blog post in 2006

The Hindi carried a news item covering research of Dr. Nautiyal giving the statistics to say that Hindi is world's largest spoken language.

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