Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Indian Research Paper with 6000+ Citations - A Big Achievement for Indian Science and Technology

 A 13-year-old research paper that proposed a computational method to help design cars and manage financial portfolios  has become the first ever from India to receive 6,000-plus citations from scholars worldwide.  The paper was autored by Kalyanmoy Deb, engineer turned computer scientist, faculty member of IIT Kanpur Kalyanmoy Deb and three undergraduate students of IIT Kanpur. It  has received 6,035 citations until weekend of 11 May 2015. .

Among more than 50 million research papers catalogued in a global scientific database called the Web of Science Core Collection, covering the period 1945 through 2015, only 541 have over 5,000 citations. This paper written exclusively by Indians from an Indian institution earned the distinction of being one among those 541 papers.  The paper was published in  2002 in the journal IEEE Transactions in Evolutionary Computation.  The paper described a strategy to find solutions to myriad problems that involve multiple and, at times, even conflicting goals and also to find multiple solutions of which only a few may be truly attractive.

The second most highly cited paper written exclusively by Indian authors is a 1995 paper by Gautam Desiraju, a professor of chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, on crystal engineering. It has drawn over 2,900 citations.

The world’s highest cited paper has over 300,000 citations. It is a 1951 paper by a US scientist that described a method to measure proteins in a liquid.

Only 14,499 research papers among the 50 million listed in the Web of Science Core Collection database have more than 1,000 citations according to a paper published in the journal Nature in  October 2014. 50 papers from India get that distinction.

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