Friday, May 8, 2015

Aswamedha Yajna - Procedure, Benefits and Clarifications

Kings are supposed to perform Aswamedha Yajna.

What could be its purpose?

Its purpose is to show to the people of the kingdom that the king and his law is respected by everybody in his borders. The horse is free to go anywhere in the boudaries of the kingdom. It is respected and welcome everywhere. The king's army and ministers follow the horse. They are respected. It shows to everybody that the king is respected. Sometimes people protest by stopping the horse. Then effort are made to pacify the people by finding out their problems and solving them. It is clear in the fight between Ram and his sons that Ram was trying to reason out with his sons to accept his authority and release the horse. It is simply not fighting. It is showing obedience to king. If there is civil disobedience, then efforts are there to create obedience. Fighting is the last resort.

Concept of Aswamedha

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