Sunday, May 8, 2016

#WeRequestModiGovt - Twitter Hashtag 8 May 2016

The tag is trending on 8 May 2016 with 13.6K tweets.

#WeRequestModiGovt Every MP has to present investment plan for Rs.10,000 cr in his constituency.

#WeRequestModiGovt  Start one PSU in every state with Rs. 1000 crore. It will be good Make in India initiative.

#WeRequestModiGovt  Investment in security has to increase in proportion to increase in Foreign investment.

Prakhar Mehta ‏@prakharrulzz
When r we going to follow #indaFirst approach ?

Jhankrit Soni ‏@jhankritsoni17  4m4 minutes ago
Improvisation in food stock management in FCI godowns. Every year thousand tonnes of grain went down the drain

Allah Raka Rahman ‏@God_Rahman  May 8
#WeRequestModiGovt not to forget their promises

Vikram Hans ‏@vh_vikram  May 8
#WeRequestModiGovt toRectify Lack of Nationwide Adequate Govt Downstream WasteDisposal/Treatment Facilities,Bottleneck in CleanIndiaMission

@ImManishSingh ‏@lovesonuu  May 8
To connect all the river to solve the problem of drought flood and many more #WeRequestModiGovt

Aditya ‏@lethalw2010  May 8
1) Appoint people of integrity in probe/judiciary
2) Speed up all corruption cases: Set up deadlines
3) Review RTE ACT

Aditya ‏@lethalw2010  May 8
4) Review economic reforms
5) Review depts lagging behind
6) stop govt interference in temples
7) Review promises made

Raju Kandari ‏@rajesh4868  May 8
#WeRequestModiGovt to support the Defense research to boost the #MakeInIndia.

Avinash ‏@avinash_mailme  May 8
#WeRequestModiGovt to teach govt Babu's in every department to respect public, and teach them public are masters and they r only servants

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