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Make in India - Thermal Power - $20 Trillion Economy Opportunity

Expansion in industrial activity to boost demand for electricity.
A growing population is likely to boost demand for energy.
Increasing market penetration and per-capita usage will provide further impetus to the energy industry.
Large capacity additions (174.9 GW) are targeted upto 2022.
Ambitious projects and increasing investments across the value chain.

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Make in India - Renewable Energy and Related Equipment - $20 Trillion Economy Opportunity

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6 May 2016

Kiran Bedi ‏@thekiranbedi  

What a long way to go.. V r poorest in power consumption in comparison to developed countries.Tragic! @EconomicTimes


The data shows the growth avenue to Indian Economy. If we want to grow the economy, there has to be energy available in convenient form. In today's world electricity is a very convenient energy form. The country needs a plan to treble energy production in the shortest time possible with adequate utilization.

15 Feb 2016

Coal, Power & Renewable Sectors to Provide an Oppourtunity of One Trillion Dollar Investment by 2030: Shri Piyush Goyal 

While speaking at Seminar on Power & Coal during Make in India Week in Mumbai today, Shri Piyush Goyal said, “The efforts of Government have ushered the power sector in a new level of growth altogether which provides for the sector a possible investment opportunity, between 2015 & 2020, a five year period, of about $ 250 billion.

When I extrapolate that to a 15 year programme until 2030 the coal, power and renewable sector alone provides $1 trillion opportunity.
Infact the ADB has calculated a $ 2.3 trillion opportunity by 2035”.

He further added, “when I talk about $1 trillion investment by 2030, it’s a well defined area wise plan- what will go into transmission, what will opening of new mines, how will we bring technology into the coal sector, what will be our push towards energy efficiency, how are we going to bring in new coal generating plants which will be environmentally superior plants, what will we going to do about our gas based plants, how are we going to ensure the distribution sector works as a vibrant profitable business for the state discoms- all of these have been drawn out in great details. It provides great opportunity for the investors both in India and International.”

Talking about rural electrification, Shri Piyush Goyal said, “I am delighted that Prime Minister has taken up the task of rural electrification on mission mode and assured that in 1000 days (when he announced on 15th August 2015), there will be no village in this country without electricity access and I am even delighted to inform all of you that the ministry has taken the challenge to the next level and committed to the Indian that each of this 18,452 villages will be electrified in 730 days not the thousand days. Nearly one- third of the work is already done and as we speak about 5279 villages have already being electrified in last 10 months. By 31 March 2016, we expect over 6500 villages to be electrified and by 31st March 2017, our efforts will be to almost to electrify 80 to 90% unelectrified of villages across the country. By 2019, the effort is to ensure that every home gets electricity connection, most of them through the grid some of them through distributed energy and micro grids.”

Shri Piyush Goyal said that our global share of LED consumption has gone up from 0.1% to 12% in just 2 years on the global scale and the LED programme will save 100 bn units of electricity and $6.5 bn every year for consumers.

Shri Goyal stated that he is happy by the fact that India has surplus power and surplus coal because that is where we can ensure the success of our programmes to bring power to every individual, every business, ensure adequate power for our farmers and that’s the enabler which will help the Make in India programme to scale new heights of success and invite people from all across the world to come and invest in India, to come and enjoy the huge market demand that a billion plus aspirational Indians offer to the world.

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April 2015 report

State Project Name Impl Agency Equipment Supplier  LOA Date Unit No Targeted Cap. (MW)
At the
of the
Assam Bongaigaon TPP NTPC BHEL 05.02.08 U-1 250 Jun-15
Bihar Muzafferpur NTPC BHEL 12.03.10 U-4 195  Feb-16
MP Vindhyachal TPP-V NTPC BHEL 05/2012 U- 13 500 Dec-15
Tripura Agratala CCPP NEEPCO Thermax 12.09.12 ST-1 25.5 May-15
Tripura Monarchak CCPP NEEPCO BHEL 23.07.10 ST 35.6 Aug-15
TN Tuticorin TPP NLC BHEL 28.01.09 U-2 500 Jul-15
WB Raghunathpur TPP, Ph-I DVC Chinese 14.12.07 U-2 600 Jan-16
 Total Central Sector  MW  2106.1 0

Chhattisgarh Marwa TPP CSPGCL BHEL 11.04.08 U-4 500 Sep-15
Gujarat Sikka TPS GSECL BHEL 10.05.07 U-4 250 Dec-15
Karnataka Bellary TPS St-III KPCL BHEL 28.09.10 U-3 700 Dec-15
Karnataka Yermarus TPP KPCL BHEL 09.04.10 U-1 800 Jan-16
Maharashtra Chandrapur TPS MSPGCL BHEL 25.07.08 U-9 500 Oct-15
Maharashtra Koradi TPS Expn MSPGCL L&T 23.09.09 U-9 660 Sep-15
Maharashtra Koradi TPS Expn. MSPGCL L&T 23.09.09 U-10 660 Feb-16
Maharashtra Parli TPS MSPGCL BHEL 20.01.09 U-8 250 Jan-16
Rajasthan Kalisindh TPP RVUNL BGRES 09.07.08 U-2 600 May-15
Telangana Singareni TPP Singareni Collieries Co Ltd BHEL 11.11.11 U-1 600 Jan-16
Telangana Kakatiya TPS Extn. T GENCO BHEL 13.10.08 U-1 600 Dec-15
UP Anpara-D TPS UPRVUNL BHEL 24.10.07 U- 6 500 Jun-15
UP Anpara-D TPS UPRVUNL BHEL 24.10.07 U- 7 500 Dec-15
WB Sagardighi TPS-Extn West Bengal BHEL 11.03.11 U-3 500 Sep-15
WB Sagardighi TPS-Extn West Bengal BHEL 11.03.11 U-4 500  Jan-16
 Total State Sector MW  8120

AP Painampuram TPP Thermal Power Tech Corporation Ltd hinese 09/2010 U-2 660 Aug-15

AP Vizag TPP Hinduja National Power Corp. Ltd HEL 03/2010 U-1 520 Oct-15
Chhattisgarh Bandakhar TPP M/s Maruti Clean (Chhattisgarh) td. hinese 07.06.11 U-1 300 Jun-15
Chhattisgarh Uchpinda TPP RKM owergen Pvt. Ltd Chinese 06/2009 U-1 360 Jun-15
Chhattisgarh BALCO TPP BALCO Pvt Ltd Chinese 20.08.07 U-1 300 Jun-15
Chhattisgarh BALCO TPP BALCO Pvt Ltd Chinese 20.08.07 U-2 300 Sep-15
Chhattisgarh Raikheda TPP GMR Non-BHEL U-2 685  Dec-15
Chhattisgarh Salora Vandana Vidyut Chinese U-2 135  Sep-15
Maharashtra Nasik TPP Ph-I Ratan India (Nasik) Power Ltd BHEL 24.11.09 U-2 270 Jan-16
MP Anuppur TPP Ph-I MB Power(MP) Chinese 15.11.10 U-1 600 600 20.04.2015 Jun-15
Orissa Ind Bharat TPP ( Orissa) Ind. Barath Chinese 16.05.09 U-1 350 Oct-15
Punjab Talwandi Sabo TPP Sterlite Chinese 18.07.09 U-2 660 Jun-15
Punjab Talwandi Sabo TPP Sterlite Chinese 18.07.09 U-3 660 Dec-15
UP Lalitpur TPP Lalitpur power Generation o. Ltd BHEL 21.03.11 U-1 660 Sep-15
UP Prayagraj (Bara ) TPP Prayagraj power Gen. Co. Ltd(J.P.Power Ventures) BHEL 21.10.09 U-1 660 Oct-15
Total Private Sector MW 120 600
 Grand Total 2015-16  MW 17346.1 600

7 June 2015

First company and power plant in the world to be certified to ISO 50001:2011

PARIS and MUMBAI, India, June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bureau Veritas Certification is pleased to announce that it has certified the Dahanu Thermal Power Station of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. to ISO 50001:2011.

This is the first company and power plant in the world to be certified to ISO 50001:2011, the new standard for Energy Management developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and published officially on June 15th 2011.

The Dahanu Thermal Power Station has a production capacity of 2 x 250 MW, and uses coal as its primary fuel.  Among the benefits of the implementation of the standard, the most remarkable achievements are:

A complete review of the consumption of all major auxiliaries, equipment areas and  buildings
Improvement in the monitoring of the energy consumption for all operations
The definition of energy use and consumption limits for the most important energy operations and the implementation of deviation controls for energy and maintenance operations

In addition to operational improvement, Dahanu Thermal Power Station has conducted a series of targeted investments since March 2010 at an average breakeven time of 27 months is expected.

The company was recognized for its best-in-class energy practices by many awards, such as the Energy Management Award of the Confederation of the Indian Industry,  Certification audits were conducted by the Energy Efficiency and Carbon team in the Mumbai office of Bureau Veritas Certification, which originally audited Dahanu Thermal Power Station to EN/BS 16001:2009 in January 2011.

For more information on Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. and Dahanu Power station, please visit:

For more information on ISO 50001:2011 or Bureau Veritas Certification’s services, please visit:

8 April 2015

Power and Coal Minister said at CII National Conference 2015:  In the year 2019, power from thermal plants will be double of now at two trillion units, renewable energy will be five times of current at 300 billion units.  Coal output will increase to 150 billion tonnes (increase 1.5 times).

160 Giga Watts renewable energy will be installed by 2022 and $250 billion investment will be made.

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