Saturday, February 14, 2015

Make in India - Electrical Machinery


Market-oriented reforms, such as the target of ‘Power for All’ and plans to add 88.5 GW of capacity by 2017 and 93 GW by 2022.
Incentives for capacity addition in power generation will increase the demand for electrical machinery.
Indian manufacturers are becoming more competitive with respect to their product designs, manufacturing and testing facilities.
A large pool of human resources and advancements in technologies.
Increasing scope for direct exports to neighbouring countries.
Investments in research and development in the electrical machinery industry are amongst the largest in India’s corporate sector.

India has plans for big addition through renewable energy also.

Installed Capacity by 2011 - 180 GW
Installed Capacity to grow to 350 GW by 2022

Indian Electrical Industry Mission Plan 2012-2022

BHEL has capacity to make machinery for 20 GW power plant capacity per year.

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