Friday, February 13, 2015

Param Vaibhav Bharat - Dream of Many Indians - Now Prime Minister Makes it His Dream

Every day lakhs of Indians sing the song saying they want make their mother land a param vaibhav land. They are toiling for years to make more and more people embrace the dream and do actions to make it a reality.

With the prime minister Narendra Modi making it the starting point in his address at a Global Business Meet, he made it his dream as the elected leader of this Nation's Government for the next 5 years.

$20 Trillion dollar GDP is the vision announced by Modiji.

Already consultancy firm PWC created a report on $10 million GDP for India. But for Modiji the effort cannot slow down until it reaches $20 trillion. 10% + growth rate has to be the aim and Raghu Ram Rajan, RBI governor also came out with a statement supporting double digit growth target as an imperative.




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