Thursday, February 26, 2015

NMTI - National Movement for Transforming India into a Developed Country

Transformation of India - Be a Part of It - Contribute to It.

India to be $20 Trillion GDP Economy by 2035 - $10 Trillion GDP Economy by 2030
$7 Trillion GDP Economy by 2025 - $5 Trillion GDP Economy by 2020

Prime Minister Modi has set up NITI - National Institution for Transforming India.

Now there is need for people movement - NMTI - National Movement for Transforming India.

We are read and remember our independence movement. We had to fight and get our independence back from foreign who objective was to transfer income and wealth from us to them. We got independence but as a very poor country. Then we got the tag developing country. But now we have a chance to become not only developed country, but become in the interim the third largest economy of the world. $20 trillion GDP dream was announced by Narendra Modi. It was indicated by Manmohan Singh also. So an opportunity is there in the horizon. Our great leaders have sensed the opportunity. But can the masses take the cue and create a mass movement - A National Movement for Transforming India into a Developed Country.

We need to bring the opportunity into the awareness of crores of people.

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