Saturday, February 28, 2015

Comments by K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao in Social Media regarding India Issues

In the Nasscom Post of Shri Narendra Modi
1 March 2015

Dear Sir, Nasscom has an important role to play in $20 Trillion GDP India. I think IT industry has to become One trillion dollar GDP Industry in $20 Trillion GDP India. The industry leaders have to aspire for that target. You need to show them the direction. My analysis of that feasible dream

In the Budget Post of Shri Narendra Modi
28 Feb 2015

Dear Sir, It is very nice that many people have appreciated the budget. My personal suggestion is that two issues are to be highlighted during the budget speech. One that the programmes suggested by various ministries are evaluated by finance ministry staff, now NITI staff and cabinet and the best of them are incorporated into the budget. The ministries must be thanked for coming out with very good schemes. Second the people from all walks of life, especially the prominent associations who have given various budget memorandums must be told that all their proposals were duly considered by the concerned ministries and were duly incorporated into the budget so that budget will be useful to them. They must be thanked for the involvement in development of the budget. These two statements improve the commitment of people to the budget and also increase the authenticity of budget as a democratic instrument of governance according to me. I thank you sir for providing a direct access to you for communicating our views, even though many of them may not be of real value to you. But at least we get a chance to express our thoughts at a point in time.

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