Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guntur to Visakhapatnam - Most Promising Urban Belt of India

Transformation of India - Be a Part of It.

India to be $20 Trillion GDP Economy by 2035 - $10 Trillion GDP Economy by 2030
$7 Trillion GDP Economy by 2025 - $5 Trillion GDP Economy by 2020

In the context of India becoming a major economy of the world, in state of Andhra Pradesh Guntur Visakhapatnam has the potential to be the most productive urban belt of India.

Both Government and Industrialists have to come together and develop this big well endowed region and benefit the economy of Andhra Pradesh and India. With the Capital City coming between Guntur and Vijayawada, Guntur also becomes part of this long stretch.

Frequent railway transport can be scheduled between these stations to increase mobility and make each municipal city a special one in some respect. One city can be developed for engineering. One for entertainment, one for banking and one for insurance. One for chemical laboratories and one physics based laboratories. The government can disperse the economic development and provide a nucleus to every city or town on the way to progress further. There can be an IT city. There can be a Biotech city. There can be nanotech city.

Guntur - Vijayawada - Eluru - Tadepalli Gudem - Nidadavolu - Kovvuru - Rajahmundry - Dwarapudi - Samalkot - Pithapuram - Tuni - Anakapalli - Visakhapatnam are the important towns on this route. Presently it takes around six to seven hours travel between the two end points. But railways can plan for 4 hour journey so that people start at 8 pm and reach the place of their work by maximum 12 noon. The mobility will make dispersal of economic activity easy and economical. Each town can grow into a big city specialising in a sector of economic activity and providing both top class education and products and services in that sector.

Speed of Nine Railway Corridors to be Increased

The speed of nine railway corridors will be increased from the existing 110 and 130 kmph to 160 and 200 kmph respectively so that inter-metro journeys like Delhi-Kolkata and Delhi-Mumbai can be completed overnight. This will involve the upgradation of track including turnouts and rolling stock to higher standards as well as the adoption of improved methods of track recording, monitoring and maintenance.

The average speed of freight trains, both in empty and loaded conditions, will also be enhanced. A policy of attaining speeds of 100 kmph for empty freight trains and 75 kmph for loaded trains is being put in place. The Minister said that with the objective of maximizing loading in every train, the loading density on all major freight bearing routes of Indian Railways will be upgraded to 22.82 tonne axle loads.

Will Guntur - Visakhapatnam a corridor whose speed will be increased?

25 Feb 2015
GMR to invest Rs. 1000 cr in toy manufacturing in Kakinada SEZ.

I came across a Japanese Pharma company in Vizag manufacturing medicines for Brain problems.

Readers please share top industrial and business units and educational units in each of the towns and cities of the Guntur, Krishna, East Godavari and West Godavari and Visakhapatnam Districts. In these districts while every municipal town has an opportunity, the towns along the railway line have the readymade opportunity. We have a chance to contribute to its development by outlining the oppourtunities through our blogs, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin messages. They will help entrepreneurs and also political leaders to make better sense of the opportunity. Political leaders can include all municipal councillors and also various candidates who contested for the election even though they have not won. They still have very good influence in their area and they contribute to its development. Please join the information sharing process.

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