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India Vision 2020 - $5 Trillion GDP

Many think tanks have given India vision 2020. They were given at aggregate economy level and also at industry levels.


Nov 2015

Real estate sector will grow from USD 93.8 billion in 2014 to USD 180 billion by 2020.

India Vision 2020 - $5 Trillion GDP

Dun and Bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet estimates that by 2020, in current dollars at that time, Indian economy will be 5 trillion dollars.  - Figures for 2013 onwards were estimates by D&B.

Grant Thornton
Driven by a nominal annual growth rate of 13 per cent, GDP is set to quadruple over
the next ten years to reach Rs.205 trillion (US$ 4.5 trillion) by 2020.

India Vision 2020 - Planning Commission Background Papers
Preview the book in Google Books

Mining Sector in India - Vision 2020

Coal Mining in India - Vision 2020

Coal Mining
2020 Target  Coal India Limited  One Billion Tonnes

Construction in India - Vision 2020

Prime Urban Housing

Demand for Urban Premium Housing will increase to Rs. 757 billion ($12 billion) in 2020 from Rs. 116 billion in 2009.

Manufacturing Sector - Vision 2020

Various Industries


Two Wheelers

Dec 2015
Honda Motorcyle & scooter India Chief Executive Keita Muramatsu predicts that the market in India will grow to 20 million units from the current 15 million by 2020

Automobile Components

May 2015

Make in India Video

USD $115 billion by 2020.




Turnover End 2013  $22 Billion
Expected by End 2020  $55 billion


At the time of its release, the National Steel Policy 2005 had envisaged steel production to reach 110 million tonnes (mt) by 2019-20. However, based on the assessment of the current ongoing projects, both in greenfield and brownfield, the Working Group on Steel for the 12th Five Year Plan has projected that domestic crude steel capacity in the county is likely to be 140 mt by 2016-17 and has the potential to reach 149 mt if all requirements are adequately met.

The National Steel Policy 2005 is currently being reviewed keeping in mind the rapid developments in the domestic steel industry (both on the supply and demand sides) as well as the stable growth of the Indian economy since the release of the Policy in 2005.

Services Sector in India - Vision 2020

Hospitality Industry in India - Vision 2020

According to World Travel & Tourism Council, the industry will grow exponentially to create 8 million additional jobs in India over the next 10 years. The contribution of the Hospitality industry to GDP is expected to rise from 8.6% (US$117.9bn) in 2010 to 9.0%(US$330.1bn) by 2020.

The Travel & Tourism industry today employs over 50 million people in India and is the largest employer after the government. Between now and 2020, the contribution of the travel and tourism economy to employment in India is expected to rise by almost 20% from 49 million to 58 million jobs. In 2020, one in every 9.6 jobs in India will be in the hospitality industry.

In 2011, India had 740 million domestic travellers and 6.3 million foreign travel arrivals. It has 170,000 hotel rooms including 60,000 branded hotel rooms.
Icra report on Hotels in India

Tourism Business in India - Detailed Information (Guide India Blog)

Telecommunication Services in India - Vision 2020

Online Retail

Flipkart sets a target of $100 billion in 5 to 7 years  (2 Sep 2015, Economic Times)

Organized Retail

Retail industry would be worth $1 trillion with online sales accounting for 15 to 20% (2 Sep 2015)

Life Insurance

By 2020, India will be the 4th Biggest Life Market in World. (Aviva Europe CEO David McMilian) in Times of India dated 4 September 2015

Vision for MSMEs in India - 2020

Present output  2007-08: 8% of GDP;   2009  - $105 billion
2020: Optimistic outlook - $350 billion (Projected total GDP: $4.5 trillion)
Grant Thorton - FICCI MSME Vision Report for 2020 made in 2009

Detailed Post on MSME Sector in India - Guide India Post

Technology Vision India 2020

IT in Services - Technology Vision India 2020

Exports - Policy and Plan 2020

India announced a five-year foreign trade policy to increase total exports to $900 billion in the year 2019-20.

According to figures released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the year 2014-15 ended with exports of $310 billion against target of $340 billion. The trade deficit was $137 billion. India announced a five-year foreign trade policy to increase total exports to $900 billion in the year 2019-20.

Finding new markets for exports is a part of government's vision of achieving exports of $900 billion by 2020 and raise India's share in global exports from 2% to 3.5%.

Academic Subjects

Operations Research - Vision 2020
Conference Proceedings of OR Society of India in 2006

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