Sunday, April 10, 2016

60 - 20 - 20 Rule in Educational Institutions

In educational institutions there are three important entities. Learners, Faculty, and Administration. 60% of the responsibility rests with the learner. 20% is the contribution of faculty members. 20% is the contribution of administration which determines the curriculum, textbooks, and infrastructure for the learning activities.  Faculty members help in providing a schedule to the learning activities, in making students read and listen for the first time to the material covered in the textbook. They provide some current examples apart from the ones given in the textbook, clarify the doubts that arise in the students, and by prescribing homework allow the continuation of the learning activity. The learner himself has to participate actively in the classroom, think about the material being presented, determine the issues which are not clear to him. He has to read the material number of times subsequently and think about it. He also has to do problems provided in the book, given by his teachers, available in internet websites and also think of applying the learning to issues which are in his knowledge.

Variability in learning outcomes are due to the three main agents of learning apart from the family of the learners which plays more important role in primary and high schools.

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