Monday, April 18, 2016

Private Airplanes - Purchase and Use in India

Nov 3, 2015
JetSetGo: The Uber of Indian skies

For the busy businessman, time is the greatest luxury and private jets afford more time. Yet, few Indians opt for this luxury
Ankur Bhatia        September 2015

AUG 31, 2015
JetSetGo: India's Ascent Into The Private Jet Industry

Presently business sector in India is owning 500 airplanes including helicopters. But the buying of planes and helicopters is on the rise and this number is expected to go up 1400 by 2015. Jets are now numbering 130. (SET 2010)

A billion dollar worth planes around 157 are likely to enter India in the next 12 months. With the emergence of car plane with a price of $297,000 may accelerate the purchase of planes by Indian businessmen.

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