Friday, April 29, 2016

Initiatives to Build Competencies and Capabilities by MBA Institutes - B Schools - India

Make in India
1. Make in India: Focus sectors – industry analysis studies.
2. Make in India: Business plan creation by alumni and faculty.
3. Make in India: Parliament/Assembly constituency level plans
4. Make in India: Ease of doing business research projects
5. Make in India: Engineering economic analysis of investment plans
6. Make in India: Manufacturing and Design managers training
7. Make in India: SCM managers training.
8. Make in India: Value engineering training and consultancy.
9. Make in India: Productivity planning services
10. Make in India: Ecommerce presence facilitation for Manufacturing concerns.

Research, Development, Design and Commercialization of New Products

11. Promoting high impact research in the institute – faculty and fellow programme.
12. Promote research in the manufacturing companies of the state.
13. Research scanning service to promote development based on recent research.
14. Patent scanning service to promote commercialization of new patents/expired patents.
15. Product development laboratory in the institute.
16. Process development laboratory in the institute.
17. Management of Research, Development and Design – Training Programmes.
18. Research Methodology Workshops for industrial executives and faculty of engineering and business schools.
19. Innovation awards especially to companies in the state.
20. CXO workshops to strengthen Research, Development and Design

Content – Learning Materials Creation

21. Promoting multi-author books
22. Online article repository.
23. Online courses (Moocs)
24. Online Knowledge centers in many subjects.
25. Student assignments with content creation perspective.
26. Fellow seminars with online publishing quality.
27. Annual research reviews by faculty.
28. Annual research awards – for academicians and industry researchers.
29. Coverage of emerging technologies like 3D printing, 5G etc. to identify performance, quality and productivity improvement opportunities.
30. Alumni magazine with focus on knowledge sharing among alumni and faculty.

Training/Consultancy Services

31. Deputing faculty to international and national executive development programmes in recently developed areas.
32. Collaborative training programmes in recently developed areas – Collaboration with international researchers, inventors, consultants – National experts
33. Mixed-mode training programmes – Classroom and online - combined programmes (Collaboration with online material providers).
34. Business plan evaluation services for local banks.
35. Investment related training and consultancy for local stock brokers.
36. Business plan evaluation services for venture capital firms and angel investors.
37. Entrepreneur development programmes for alumni of science, engineering and business schools of the state.
38. Growth plan consultancy for micro and small business firms.
39. Investor meets by students of the institute.
40. Collaboration with national research laboratories to explore commercialization of technologies developed by them.

National Service Scheme – Involvement of Students in Social Service Scheme – Social Entrepreneurship Seeding

41. Swachhata programme
42. Skill development programme for children in the town/city.
43. Human comfort improvement
44. Physical fitness improvement (Yoga) promotion
45. Educational inclusion (adult education and child learning improvement)
46. Unity in diversity promotion – Quami ekta – National integration
47. Free consultancy to self-employed people
48. Constituency investment and infrastructure development plan
49. Values promotion
50. Developing law abiding citizens (Natural law – dharma – Enacted law – all acts and rules framed under them)

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