Friday, April 29, 2016

Make in India: Focus Sectors – Industry Analysis Studies - B School - T School Activity

B Schools, that is management institutes and T Schools, institutes of engineering and technology can take up industry analysis of the focused sectors specified in Make in India Programme.  The industry analysis must have its focus the state and district wherein the school is located. What is the demand for the product concerned in the district and state? What is availability of raw material in the district. Does the district has any competitive advantage in the industry concerned. Can the industry grow in the district due to the presence companies in the similar line in the district. Some of these issues can be evaluated by the analysis to come out with factors that support starting of small scale or medium scale new units. The analysis also has to cover the existing units in the industry in the district and state and find out factors that support further development in the state.This could mean even the large industrial units are also evaluated in the studies.  Institutes in the areas of sciences, economics and commerce can also take up these studies. When reports are made by multiple organizations they can be compared and useful ideas can be summarized from these multiple reports. Presentations on these multiple reports can be organized by involving district chambers of commerce and industry and district industries centers.

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