Sunday, April 10, 2016

80 - 20 Rule in Democracy

What is 80 - 20 Rule in Democracy?

80% of the effort is put in and results are produced by people only.

Governments at various levels in the society contribute only 20%.

If people are not involved in the economic and social spheres wholeheartedly the society will not progress.

In a democracy people elect their representatives. They do not elect leaders who become isolated from people. They elect representatives who represent them in house of people and come back and report to them the deliberations in the house and also inform them about the changes required in their procedures to succeed in the new legal, regulatory, social and economic systems.

The involvement of representatives people in both house of representatives and among people of their constituency is vital in democracy. A democracy in which representatives of people neither attend assemblies/parliament nor interact with the people of their constitueucy is a dysfunctional democracy. It is a sick system needing treatment.

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