Thursday, February 19, 2015

Increasing Education and Skill Training Facilities for Transforming India

Like industrial training institutes, there have to be service skills training institutes. We have  to promote agricultural training institutes also. Therefore in all three important sectors, there have to be training institutes that develop skilled frontline workers or operators. If minimum general education is x class, these institutes must have courses after X class. After X class one can go into an operator training programme or a supervisor training programme which is the diploma course. we need to open diploma courses also in all three sectors - agriculture, industry and services. We need to create education facilities in operator training, supervisor training and two year intermediate academic education so that all people can aspire and join them. It may mean we have to create facilities for 2 crore students per year to join any one of these streams. We have to create capacity for 2 crore people and be happy if there are places where 60% of the capacity is only filled. Which mean the ideal class let us say is 60 but only 36 students are there in the class. In many places there will be shortage of seats and people may have to go to other places. So I feel the important point is creating educational facilities for 2 crore students every year in alternate streams after class 10 is essential to reap demographic dividend.

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