Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shukla Yajurved - Chapter 40 - Simple Explanation based on Swami Dayananda's Bhashya


1. O man,  Enjoy what God has given you. Do not try to steal or acquire the wealth of any man through unfair means.

2. Man's unselfish, religious deeds in this world will help him in emancipation.

3. The men who disregard the knowledge provided to them and remain in ignorance and indulge in carnal
pleasures ony will afflictions subsequently in the living world as well as spirit world.

4. God is permanent.and has Omnipresence. Your soul is a part of him.

5. God is within this entire universe and also and surrounds it externally.

6. The man, who sees all animate and inanimate creation in God, and God pervading all material objects, does not have doubt regarding God.

7. A man contemplating upon God, feels in Him that all beings are like him only created and nurtured by God. Such a yogi looking upon God as an unequalled One, becomes free from delusion and grief.

8. God is All pervading, Lustrous, Bodiless, Flawless, Sinewless, Pure, Unpierced by evil. He is Omniscient, Knower of the hearts of all, Censurer of the sinful, and Self-existent. He truly reveals through the vedas all things for His subjects

9. People who abandon God sink to deep darkness and engage in the material pleasures of the world.

10. One fruit results from the knowledge of this created world, the Effect, another great fruit from the knowledge of eternal Matter, the Cause. Man must try to know the cause and enjoy much more happiness.

11. The man who knows simultaneously the effect and the cause, overcoming death through the knowledge of the cause, attains to salvation.

12. To blinding darkness go the men who worship Nescience (Matter).Those proud of little knowledge enter darkness that is darker still.

13. The fruits of knowledge and Nescience are different.

14. He who simultaneously knows  knowledge and Action, and overcomesdeath by Action, gains salvation.

15. O active soul, at the time of death, remember Om, remember  God. Know that soul is immaterial and immortal but the body is finally reduced to ashes.

16. O Divine, Lustrous, Benevolent God, Remove from us the sin that leads us astray. Lead us through virtuous path to riches,
happiness and all sorts of wisdom.

17. God is vast like the atmosphere, Greatest of all in merit, action, and nature. Om is one of his names (Om is the best name of God. Om comes from the root meaning to protect. Gcd protects the universe and us all)

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