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Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotram - 201 to 400

Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu - 201 to 400

When you utter the word, the image comes into your mind. When you think of God's noble qualities, you would like to emulate them. You become a noble man by praising Lord's noble qualities.


Shloka 22
198. Amrityuh: One who does not perish. The entire nature, the universe comes out of him and goes back into him.

199. Sarvadrik: The man who can see all and know all.

200. Simhah: One who destroys. Sri Krishna declared in Bhagavadgita, I am the king of animals, Lion.
201. Sandhaataa (సంధాతా)    : He correlates actions and fruits of all persons in this universe.

202. Sandhimaan  (సంధిమాన్): He does the action and also experiences the action. 
203. Sthirah: Firm, Changeless
204. Ajah: Unborn

205. Durmarshanah: He cannot be attacked and vanquished, The most powerful man.

206. Saastaa: One who rules over the universe.

207. Visrutaatmaa: The pure self (atma).

208. Surarihaa: The destroyer of enemies of angels in the universe. The destroyer of negative tendencies in man
Shloka 23
209. Guruh: The teacher who initiates a persons in spiritual practices.
210. Gurutamah: The greatest teacher of scriptures.
211. Dhaama: The Goal of spiritual journey or endeavour.
212. Satyah: The Reality in the Universe.

213. Satyaparaakramah: Lord uses his force in favour of Truth (Satya). He will insist that only truth shall prevail.

214. Nimishah: The person who is thinking inward all the time.

215. Animishah: The person who is observing the universe all the time.

216. Sragvee: The wearer of the garland Vaijayanti.

217. Vaachaspatir-Udaaradheeh: The Lord champions the law. At the same time he is kind (Udaara) person. Whenever a devotee turns to him from physical world, he will answer his prayers. He knows all the people in world are under the spell of maya.

Shloka 24

218. Agraneeh: He is the leader for spiritual journey.

219. Graamaneeh: Graama means a collection of many things in Sanskrity. Here graama refers to the entire universe. Lord the head of this collection. 

220. Sreeman: Sree means glory. Lord is the glorious person.

221. Nyaayah: He gives every body the ability to use logic to help in arriving at the discovery of soul. He demonstrates that ability in various incarnations.

222. Netaa: The leader. The manager of the machinery of life of this universe.

223. Sameeranah: Administrator of processes of the bodies of living creatures. The dictionary meaning is the breath.
224. Sahasra-Moordha: One who has thousand heads (here it can be interpreted as innumerable heads.
225. Visvaatmaa: The soul or spirit of all beings in the universe.
226. Sahasraakshah: One who has thousand eyes (interpreted as innnumerable eyes).

227. సహస్రపదే  (సహస్రపాత్)

228. ఆవర్తనాయ

229. నివ్రుతాత్మనే

230. సంవ్రుతాయ

231. సంప్రమర్దనాయ

232. అహస్సంవర్తకాయ

233. వహ్నయే

234. ఆనిలాయ

235. ధరణీధరాయ

236. సుప్రసాదాయ

237. ప్రసన్నాత్మనే

238. విశ్వద్రుషే

239. విశ్వభుజే

240. విభవే 
Thousand Ways to The Transcendental:
Vishnu Sahasranaama Commentary by Swami Chinmayananada
Central Chinmaya Trtust, Mumbai - 400072

Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotram - విష్ణు సహస్ర నామములు - 1 to 200

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