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Hindu Samaj - హిందూ సమాజ సంఘటన - భారత రత్న మదన్ మోహన్ మాలవీయ ప్రేరణ

Hindu Samaj Sanghatana

హిందూ సమాజ సంఘటన - భారత రత్న మదన్ మోహన్ మాలవీయ ప్రేరణ
24 December 2017
Sri Shyam Kumar Ji, Kshetra Pracharak, RSS


Sri Shyam Kumar Ji, Kshetra Pracharak, RSS  explained the circumstances that prevailed before Sangha started in 1925. ‘Doctorji (Dr. K B Hedgewar, RSS founder) analyzed the situation of that time and felt that uniting Hindu Society is very important for stengthening the country and achieve freedom and protect it. Shri Madan Mohan Malaviya gave the call for taking action to increase sanghatan (unity) in the Hindu community (All people staying in Hindustan have to be united against foreign machinations). He wanted the message and action to go to every village in the country. Dr. Hedgewar came out with a concept that today goes to every village and makes them participate in activities in gatherings (sakhas) that inculcate the spirit of unity among all people living in Bharat, Hindustan.

Hindustan is Bharat Varsh. In Vishnu Puran, it is said its name was Him Varsh earlier. From Himalayas to Sea at the south it is Him Varsh, Bharat Varsh, - Hindustan. All persons living in this area are brothers and sisters (with special relations among some persons) and are Hindus only despite differences in physical shape, colour, language, food habits and the deity to whom they are praying. The literature of the land proposed crores of deities and also large number of rishis, munis, sages and learned persons. Diversity of worship is celebrated in the Hindu culture with the concept of Ishta Devata. Cultural Unity strongly advocated by Shri L.K. Advani indicates this only. All people of the country accept the freedom of choice of worship by each individual and believe that all prayers reach the Paramatma, the supreme soul. Your prayers to any divine entity is ultimately a prayer to the paramatma, the supreme soul.

దేశభక్తి - దేశసేవ - దేశశక్తి

Vatsalya Bharati - వాత్సల్య భారతి

భారత రత్న మదన్ మోహన్ మాలవీయ - About Madan Mohan Malaviya


हिन्दू चेतना संगम - 2018(सज्जन शक्ति सर्वत्र) - सर्व नागरीक आवाहन

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