Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 - Narendra Modi - BJP Government after 4 Years - Performance Report and Analysis

Narendra Modi Government is confident about its governance record. While everything may not be right as per manifesto and expectation, there are many areas and programmes about which the government is feeling good and satisfied. They have put together all the positive aspects before the Indian Citizens through a dedicated microsite.

Narendra Modi Government - Performance Dashboard Transformation of  India in 48 Months

Public, other political parties,  political and economic thinkers, and media analysts now has the opportunity to take every claim and analyze it.

Time Mega Poll - 23 to 25 May 2018  - 71.9% for Narendra Modi as PM again

71.9% say they want Narendra Modi as PM again in 2019 Elections.

More news items and views to be added.

How Indian economy has fared under Modi government and where it’s headed
Team Mint Money spoke to experts on the macro numbers in the last four years of the Narendra Modi government and how they affected individual investors
Thu, May 24 2018.

Updated 2018 - 26 May,  24 May 

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