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Muslims and BJP Coming Together - Good for National Unity

4 December 2015

Now BJP has 180 Muslim representatives in various local bodies of Gujarat.  It is a welcome development as every party in India must have representation from all religions. BJP was considered as a party not welcoming minorities earlier. But now it is also a party with participation from all religions in many states of India. Good for Secular and United India.

Why More Muslim Voters,  Muslim Leaders and Clerics are Talking in Favour of Narendra Modi and BJP?

19 January 2014

Advani added that he wanted to address the lack of trust in the BJP among the Muslim community.
"They know they have been used for votes, and no one did anything for them. "Our party believes in integral humanism... We do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste or language. "Those who talk about majority and minority are those who want their votes. We want to work for everyone."

Advani reminded the cadres in BJP National Council Meet about the need to reach out to Muslims and communicate to the community that “we are for everyone’s welfare”. “The Congress had created a sense of distrust in the minds of the Muslim community. But this time, the community expressed its confidence in us in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. I want to tell the Muslim community that all these years they have been used, but have not benefitted,”

FullSpeech of Advani



14 January 2014
Salman Khan visited Narendra Modi and was with during Makara Sankranti kite festival in Ahmedabad/Gandhi Nagar. It definitely sends a message to the nation.Modi is not an untouchable for Muslims. Muslims are not untouchable for Modi and BJP. Of course even in Jan Sangh days, there were muslims with the party. But now the number increased manifold and reached significant numbers.



Modi and Muslims - True Facts in Gujarat by Sufi M.K. Chisty
9 Jan 2014

He described Gujarat government as the only government which from 11 years have never enforced curfew. Gujarat is having 9% muslim population and all 9% have full job opportunity with 5000+ muslims in state government official work and 73% of muslims in Gujarat are Educated when compared to all other state Gujarat hold highest position and landmark. Quoting Hussain's words he said congress just gives schemes and names which is never practiced in real, but Modi does the work,


18% Muslim voters survey prefer Modi for PM

It is surprising to find that a survey conducted by CNN-IBN-CSDS-The Hindu Election Tracker in July 2013 shows that 18% muslims support Narendra Modi while 45% support Rahul Gandhi.




Why More Muslims, Muslim Leaders and Clerics are Talking in Favour of Narendra Modi and BJP?

Because in Gujarat, Narendra Modi really worked for the betterment of all. 

Narendra Modi achieved social integration

L.K. Advani said in 2008
"BJP against minoritism, not minorities" 
Minoritsm is vote bank politics.

 In the eyes of the BJP, all citizens of India , irrespective of whether they belong to the “majority” or “minority” communities, are equal. In the eyes of the BJP, all religions of the world deserve equal respect.

Irrespective of what percentage of Muslims vote for the BJP and the NDA, our government, if voted into office by the people of India, will work for the welfare, development and security of Muslims with the same commitment as we shall show in respect of non-Muslims. This is my solemn assurance.


In the civic body elections, BJP swept all the 6 main city civic bodies. Out of these 6 at least 3 (Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Surat) had sizeable Muslim population.  BJP  swept the seats in Muslim dominated areas. The victory of Muslim candidates on BJP tickets proved that there is a change is  happening both at the voter and the local leadership level. The change was more visible  during the elections to zilla parishads, nagar palikas and the panchayats. In Godhra  17 Muslim councillors who were elected, ensured that a BJP Mayor was elected. There were a number of minority candidates (both Muslim and Christians) who contested as BJP candidates in various places and were elected. BJP swept the local polls including in minority dominated areas because it worked for the development of their areas and interacted with them equals.

 In the polls held in October 2010 and February 2011 for 53 and 27 municipalities respectively, the party had given tickets to 325 Muslims, of whom 192 won.

Why Asifa Khan joined BJP from Congress?

Interesting statement by Asifa Khan?
Since 1947 there have been 11000 communal riots in Gujarat.  Did any of the previous chief ministers undertake a Sadbhavna Mission or work for national integration?  Mind you, Modi did not start the Sadbhavna Yatra in a vacuum.  For years before that, he actually put it into practice.  Because he brought peace, prosperity followed easily.  When there is peace people like to work, study and go for new jobs.  He opened many new educational and career advancement opportunities for Gujaratis.  There has been all round development and Muslims are getting equal benefits.  Today Muslims don’t feel discriminated against.  No development scheme has come in the name of minorities.  Everything is in the name of Gujaratis.  When he brought the coastal development scheme, there were no special baits for OBCs, Muslims or this or that section. But Muslims benefited equally. This is national integration in the real sense.  All of us rise above narrow sectional identities and take pride in the collective development of Gujaratis.

Salaya, a small Muslim-majority town in Jamnagar district of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, has thrown out the Congress completely after some 25 years, since this municipality came into being.

BJP captured all 27 seats of the Salaya municipality. 24 of the councillors were  Muslims fielded by the saffron party for the first time ever.

Apart from Salaya, in Kodinar,  Junagadh district also eight muslims were elected as  municipal councillors  on BJP tickets.

Polling was held in February 2013 for Sunday for 76 nagarpalikas. "Going by the latest available figures, the BJP had fielded 140 Muslim candidates in these elections, of whom 85 have won, which is an impressive figure," says Gujarat BJP Laghumati Morcha president Sufi Mahebub Ali Bawa Chishti.

25 June 2013
Muslims give thumbs up to Narendra Modi and thousands join BJP's public meet in Surat


15 January 2014
Raheel Dhattiwala, a researcher, examines the transformation in behaviour of the Sunni Muslim voter in Gujarat since 2009 and explores different motivations leading to their support of the BJP and Chief Minister Narendra Modi in BJP and Muslims in Gujarat

Muslims in Gujarat - A Research Talk by Madhu Kishwar


Interview between Madhu Kishwar and Salim Khan


Madhya Pradesh

Around 100 municipal councillors were elected as BJP members in various urban bodies.

50,000 muslims were expected to attend Maha karyakarta Kumbh in Bhopal.

25,000 muslims attended Jaipur rally.

BJP is taking care of interests of Muslims along with all other communities and they are very happy to participate in BJP party activities.

Somebody commented on a TV channel that only Muktar Naqvi and Shah Nawaj Khan will vote for BJP. They do not know these facts or they still want to propagate their view against facts.

M.J. Akbar and Others on Narendra Modi - His Hindutva and His Reaching out to Muslim Community

21 July 2013
Times of India
Mahatma versus Modi: Tale of Two Nationalists

February 2013
Comment 'Muslims should brace politics of development and politics of education': MJ Akbar

December 2012
Why Syed Shabuddin is writing to Modi

When Syed Shahabuddin  writes a letter to Narendra Modi,  it is news.
What did he say? "Muslim voters see some signs of change in your attitude."
A recognised leader from the radical spectrum of Indian Muslim politics has publicly accepted, for the first time, that Modi is stretching a hand towards Muslims.  The letter confirms that as far as Shahabuddin is concerned the relationship with Modi has moved from non-negotiable to negotiable.   Shahabuddin ends his letter with mention of development, education and employment for Muslims.

Why is he writing to Modi about employment rather than to Dr Manmohan Singh?

The percentage of Muslims employed by the Gujarat government is close to the population share of the community in the state. Gujarat also has more Muslim constables in police stations than any other state. This is the kind of decision which boosts confidence and provides  reassurance.

India wants a leader who can deliver jobs, price stability and 10% growth, but none of these is possible without social peace. Modi has to convince Muslims that they will be safe under his watch to claim their votes. His task is set.
Today's mood among Muslims seems more reminiscent of 1967, when Muslims spurned Congress and shifted to other parties.

Any thaw demands the sunshine of spring. There is certainly a spring in Modi's step, but he needs much more warmth in him to melt the Muslim mood.

Why Modi of 2012 is a triumph of Secularism?
Sajid Bhombal

Who is supporting Narendra Modi?

11 January 2014
Hate Modi, Hate BJP but Come out of "Defeat BJP Syndrome" says Sherwani
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LL.D., Chairman , All India Muslim Forum
Sherwani Nagar, Sitapur Road, Lucknow, India

6 December 2013
Oldest litigant in Ayodhya case comes out in support of Narendra Modi
Mohammad Hashim Ansari, one of the oldest litigants in Ayodhya title suits, said "Muslims in Gujarat are happy and wealthy," "Modi needs Muslims' full support to become prime minister of the country,"

3 May 2013
Syed Ubaidur Rahman
author of "Understanding the Muslim Leadership in India" and editor of NVONews.Com.
 Muslims should devise a strategy to negotiate with the BJP and talk to it on mutual issues of interest. Muslims should be diplomatic. Indian Muslims need to talk and not to become vote bank and hostage to one party’s hegemony in the country.

(Syed Ubaidur Rahman is the author of "Understanding the Muslim Leadership in India" and editor of NVONews.Com. The views expressed are personal. He can be reached at

Vastanvi from Gujarat - He run number of colleges
Forced to resign from Deoband seminary

Muslim Leaders Protesting against Narendra Modi

All muslim leaders in BJP are not happy with projecting Modi as PM. From Delhi, a prominent muslim leader resigned. From Karnataka, a muslim leader, who was a minister in Karnataka BJP cabinet resigned in protest.

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