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Phalguna Maasam - Festivals - Pujas - Suggested Religious Activities

Phalugna Poornima or Purnima - Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan, also known as Holika Deepak or Chhoti Holi, should be done during Pradosh Kaal (which starts after sunset) while Purnima Tithi is prevailing.

Holika Dahan Muhurta is decided based on following rules.

Bhadra prevails during first half of Purnimasi Tithi and all good work should be avoided when Bhadra prevails.

The first preference to get Holika Dahan Muhurta is during Pradosh while Purnimasi Tithi is prevailing and Bhadra is over.

If Bhadra prevails during Pradosh but it ends before midnight then Holika Dahan should be done after Bhadra is over.

If Bhadra is getting over after midnight then only Holika Dahan should be done in Bhadra and preferably during Bhadra Punchha. However one should avoid Bhadra Mukha and in no condition Holika Dahan should be done in Bhadra Mukha. Doing so brings bad luck for the whole year not only for individuals but for whole city and country.

Many times Bhadra Punchha is not available between Pradosh and midnight. In such situations one should do Holika Dahan during Pradosh.

In rare occasions when neither Pradosh nor Bhadra Punchha is available for doing dahan then one should do Holika Dahan after Pradosh.

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