Sunday, February 7, 2016

Appreciate Achievements of Independent India during the last 69 years - Commit Yourself for the Next 31 Years

Regarding Indian Government and Its Activities - Achievements of India during the last 69 years.

We need to appreciate efforts of our freedom fighters. We conducted elections after becoming sovereign nation and our elected governments implemented various programmes and policies. We need to highlight the positive aspects first and then negative aspects. Let us accept that India has progressed materially in absolute sense. That only will give us confidence now to achieve more.

Many things were done and  are being done in the right direction. That is why in our generation so much material progress has taken place in the country. Some improvement in human behaviour has to take place, and I hope the present government with its foundation in the area of man development will do something in improving the moral behaviour of the society. That will decrease frustration among us and increase confidence in our ability to solve problems and identify improvement opportunities in all walks of life.

Commit yourself to Narendra Modi's Dream - India: 20 Trillion Dollar Economy - Possible by 2035

2047 - Do Some Thing Great for the World

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