Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Vegetables and Fruits - Supply Chain Management Consultants, Participants and Issues in India

Fruit and Vegetables Processing Cluster - Pune

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Make in India - Food Processing Industry

Draft National Food Processing Policy

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit - Project Report - Business Plan - Small scale industry

Technical manual on small-scale processing of fruits and vegetables - FAO

Norteastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited

Re-inventing ‘Farm to Fork’ Supply Chain: Need of the hour
Media Release – 14 May 2013

In India, vegetables are mostly grown and  consumed regionally. Fruits are grown in specific regions e.g. apples grown in the Himalayas, grapes in Maharashtra etc. and have to be distributed across regions. Lack of proper post-harvest management leads to loss of the fruits estimated up to 40 percent. The horticultural produce has to be transported over significant distances and climactic regions,  cold chain facilities are essential to develop an effective and balanced supply chain that minimizes wastage and provides fruits over the entire year in a balanced way and thus stabilizes prices.

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