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National Ethos in Indian Education

Jnanasangam - Pune 2017 - National Ethos in Bharatiya Tradition of Education and Contemporary Context

Ethos - Meaning

Ethos and Characteristic Spirit are interchangeable words which are defined by Webster as “the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution“.


An expert committee of UGC has drafted a new syllabi for the BA/BSc, MA/MSc and PhD of the psychology courses, taking into consideration the "developments in the field of psychology with special relevance to the Indian context."

On this new item media reported in very erroneous manner.

The original letter is given below.

It had been noticed that Psychology, as taught in institutions of higher learning was neither keeping pace with the recent developments in the discipline nor fulfilling the societal needs. The prevalent course contents commonly taught in the classroom were not rooted in the national ethos. UGC, therefore, constituted a Committee of

Experts to look into different aspects of teaching and research in Psychology besides drawing upon the considerable work that is underway for the purposes of developing vibrant model syllabi for different levels.

The model syllabifor Psychology at B.A/B.Sc, M.A/M.Sc and Ph.D. have been prepared by the Expert Committee taking into consideration the developments in the field of Psychology, with special relevance to the lndian context. The details of these model syllabi have been uploaded on the UGC website i.e.

It is, therefore, requested that the same may be perused and suitably adopted in the Psychology courses run ,by your esteemed university and the affiliated colleges.

With regards,

The is an existing model curriculum published in 2001. Hence, the present model curriculum is only revision. Media has portrayed in totally different manner and it has got remarks from various professors who were critical of the new curriculum.  On 24 October 2017, I could not locate the new model curriculum.

Aiming to imbibe Indian ethos in education  Revolutionary reforms in the offing
K V Priya   March 28, 2017

To bring a nationalistic and Indian perspective in higher education and to  deliberate upon the issue, over 700 academicians, including the vice-chancellors of 51 universities, assembled in the national capital for a two-day workshop, hosted by Prajna Pravah.

What is our national ethos?
Former Europe Director, CII

Ethos Statements of Schools

Ireland National Schools

Ethos Statement
A Community National School is one where:

The school becomes a centre of the local community
Children are encouraged and supported in living their lives to the full
High standards are the goal in teaching and learning
Everybody is valued and treated with respect
Diversity is recognised and celebrated
Respect for plurality of faiths is seen as integral to the daily routine of the school
What this ethos means

For our pupils we:

Place the interests of the pupils first
Promote a holistic approach to education, developing all aspects of the child - intellectually, physically, culturally, morally and spiritually
Provide a top class education where each child is encouraged to reach his/her potential
Are committed to the spirit of inclusion and equality, where each member of the school community is valued and treated with respect
Set high expectations in a caring and nurturing environment

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